ParaSwap launching on Fantom to extend its DEX aggregator service

paraswap Jan 24 · 2 min read 98% of voting community members agree to launch ParaSwap & $PSP on Fantom Opera Mainnet The ParaSwap DAO initiated a vote to its community last week. With over 98% of its community voting “agree”, ParaSwap is launching on the Fantom Opera Mainnet today. The decentralized exchange … Read more

Announcing Our New Product — Automated Vaults!

Announcing Our New Product — Automated Vaults! Market Neutral Strategies With Low Risk and High APYs! Dear alpacas, In recent days, the crypto market has seen massive volatility. For those of us trying to yield farm or participate in DeFi, these large price swings increase risk and create uncertainty. As a result, we senior alpacas have spent a … Read more

Debt Ceiling Increases to 500M DAI For G-UNI Vaults And More

On January 24th 2022, as part of the weekly Maker Governance Cycle, MKR holders voted and increased the GUNIV3DAIUSDC2-A Maximum Debt Ceiling from 10 million DAI to 500 million DAI. Also, G-UNI vaults Stability Fee has been lowered from 1% to 0.5% and Liquidation Ratio will be decreased from 105% to 102%. Find out what … Read more

Biswap Key Metrics — Superlative Numbers!

Biswap Just now·2 min read Our statistics grow every day. We are glad to share them with you! Biswap DEX shows tremendous numbers: 💫 $601 125 770 Total Value Locked (in Farms & Launchpools) 💫 $32 040 159 132 Total Trading Volume 💫 $92 694 558 Trading Volume in 24 hours 💫 381 397 Unique … Read more

AutoAmplify Partnership Programme

Autofarm Ecosystem (AutoAmplify) After a great 2021, things have been even busier going into 2022 as we look to continue to grow the Autofarm ecosystem with more products, services, and chains. We are proud to announce that as part of our continued commitment to growth, we have created a brand new partnership programme for projects looking … Read more

Revolution is Coming via Crypto Projects That Solve Real-World Problems

Revolution is coming. There is no denying the fact that the global crypto ecosystem has continued to evolve and expand at a historical rate over the last few years. The amount of capital entering this yet nascent sector has risen by more than ten times over the last 24 months alone, rising from a respectable … Read more

WETH/SNX Incentives on L2

We’re excited to announce a new round of incentives for WETH/SNX on Optimistic Ethereum. Synthetix will partner with Gelato to leverage G-UNI pools that enable rewards for liquidity providers. 60,000 SNX will be distributed for one month to WETH/SNX liquidty providers, with the possibility to extend after an impact assessment. Here is a tutorial that … Read more

The Bancorian | Jan 23 2022

In this week’s Community Call recording, Bancor shared the development updates above and answered questions from the community. Additionally, the call featured DerivaDEX whose Token $DDX was recently onboarded on Bancor. Fee change experiments We have been raising trading fees in pools recently and monitoring the impact this has on both trading volume and fees … Read more

FRAKT aims to build an NFT-DeFi ecosystem for NFT collectors, investors and creators — Serum…

Project Serum Just now·5 min read “Our ambition is to be anyone’s go-to platform when it comes to benefiting from all that NFTs and DeFi have to offer. We bring powerful tools to each Solana community to achieve any of their goals, be it community empowerment, create liquidity or reward mechanisms for their participants… sky’s … Read more

Weekly Highlights from Robi! | 17- 23 January

Hello, Biswappers! Biswap platform had a very productive and exciting week! Robi is very thrilled to share the list of events and fantastic news. Join us as we take a look at the Biswap growth! Biswap GameFi Vouchers on Binance NFT Marketplace | 2K Vouchers Sold Out! Biswap has launched the GameFi Vouchers sale on … Read more