Call options on $OPIUM: an alternative to liquidity mining

We introduce a simpler way for $OPIUM holders to get yield on their tokens Andrey Belyakov Jun 22 · 4 min read In short: Stake your $OPIUM to exchange future upside for premiums now or pay a fee to get xxx-leveraged upside! Over time, in DeFi, numerous liquidity mining programs were designed and distributed hundreds … Read more

Beefy x Pangolin AMA and Giveaway

To celebrate our ongoing multichain partnership with Pangolin, we’ve been invited to an AMA on their Telegram channel, and we are doing a small BIFI giveaway to both communities. With this new partnership we are looking forward to building liquidity for BIFI on Avalanche and we expect a governance proposal from their team in the … Read more

Beefy’s Pangolin Partnership

The largest DeFi project on Avalanche Beefy’s multichain journey continues with a new partnership on Avalanche. Pangolin was launched in February 2021 on the Avalanche Network and incubated by AvaLabs, with the vision of it being a community run project. It grew to become the largest DeFi project on Avalanche network, peaking at over 300 … Read more

Bird.Money Meme Contest is Here!

Win cool cash by creating an awesome Twitter meme, Telegram or Discord sticker What’s a Bird Flock without some color, bird dance, and good vibes?! Welcome everyone, it’s our pleasure to announce that after taking a lot of feedback from you guys we’ve decided to go ahead with a Meme Competition! Everyone is invited to this … Read more

PancakeSwap Welcomes Wault Finance for a Dual Syrup Pool!

PancakeSwap Just now·3 min read CAKE holders, today we are excited to be able to offer you 2 new Syrup Pools from Wault Finance, a project aiming to provide an effective and user-friendly all-in-one DeFi Platform! The Syrup Pool: Stake CAKE tokens to earn WEX and WAULTx tokens! Total Tokens: 20,000,000 WEX Distribution duration: 60 … Read more

CEO of FINXFLO on Making a One-Stop Hybrid Liquidity Aggregator

BeinCrypto spoke to James Gillingham about FINXFLO. This hybrid liquidity aggregator brings together multiple exchanges, making it possible to buy, sell and trade in one place. Sponsored Sponsored The crypto world is steadily growing and this means more exchanges than ever. Not only as centralized exchanges grow but also as more decentralized offerings come onto … Read more

Big Partnership Alert As Bird.Money and Glitch Come Together

DeFi OS and DeFi credit score platforms form partnership union Moving forward together has always been our philosophy at Bird.Money when it comes to our vision for DeFi. With so many incredible teams building fantastic solutions, we always take deliberate action to seek out the best and partner with them to bring more value to … Read more

Announcing WPool #10: Yieldwatch!

We’re announcing another WPool — Yieldwatch! With this partnership, you’ll be able to stake WEX for $50K USD in WATCH rewards which will be distributed over 4 weeks. Also Yieldwatch join us as official partners and help tracking Wswap yields,pools and additionally giving exposure the Wault. A new WATCH-BNB WFarm will also open with bonus WEX rewards … Read more

Demystifying Staking vs Internet Bonds

Franciska Kovacs Jun 22 · 2 min read The difference between staking and internet bonds can be confusing. In this article, we’re breaking it down using a simple example from the banking system. Staking and internet bonds in banking terms Think of staking like putting your money in a bank and earning interest. Your money … Read more