FARM Emissions: Week 67

Breakdown & details of FARM Emissions for the week 67 📉 $FARM emission in week 67is further reduced by 4.44% from last week’s emission of 1,470.17 Breakdown 978.45 $FARM (69.65% of week 67) will be distributed to capital and liquidity providers as follows(excluding emissions toward GRAIN): 🤑 22.60 $FARM (1.61% of week 67) to WETH deposits into Harvest … Read more

How to hack the Evervoid game

Gravis.Finance Just now·4 min read Last week we released the Equipment update, consisting of two smaller ones — equipment loot boxes and crafting. We got feedback that it’s difficult to guess what the equipment is for, and it’s our fault that we released so little information on its uses. Let us reveal them. The ship … Read more

Ankr Is Collaborating With Binance Smart Chain to Improve the BSC Network!

Franciska Kovacs Dec 8 · 3 min read Ankr Is Collaborating With Binance Smart Chain to Improve the BSC Network! A common problem the Binance Smart Chain encounters is when local storage becomes too bloated, especially considering archive nodes can store up to 13TB of data. This cumbersome storage size means that it will take … Read more

Announcing the Launch of Alpaca’s Auto-Farming Stablecoin — AUSD!

Announcing the Launch of Alpaca’s Auto-Farming Stablecoin — AUSD! Dear alpacas, Many of you have been waiting for this, and we now have a launch date for AUSD. We’re proud and excited to announce that AUSD will go live on the 14th of December at approximately 10 AM UTC! AUSD will unlock even higher profit potential for capital … Read more

Introducing the Bird Ambassador Program

It’s time for us to level up our community members! We’re excited to announce Operation Bird Nest, our new ambassador program. Bird is growing and it is an exciting time. As we build, it’s important that the Flock grows and gains in strength along with us. The Bird Ambassador program is designed to unite our Flock … Read more

New Liquidity Mining Period & Rewards for ibETHv2/ALPHA LP

Announcing the new liquidity mining period for Alpha Homora – both on Ethereum (V1 and V2) and BSC (v1). For those who haven’t migrated from Alpha Homora V1 Ethereum to V2 Ethereum, be sure to migrate for more functionalities and rewards! Additionally, ibETHv2/ALPHA liquidity providers for the pool on Sushiswap had been accruing rewards since … Read more

Exuberant Biswap x Autofarm Collaboration!

Biswap Just now·2 min read Biswap is growing rapidly and we are creating more and more powerful collaborations. Potent partnerships create new opportunities for Biswappers to multiply crypto. One of our new, vigorous partners with unique features is Autofarm. Autofarm is a one-stop DeFi suite comprising of 6 main products (Autofarm — yield optimizer/vaults, … Read more

Yeni Pera İle Tanışın

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read Aylık Güncelleme / Kasım 21 Sevgili Pera Ailesi, Aylık güncellemedeki gecikmeden ötürü özür dileriz, ancak bunun beklemeye değer bir güncelleme olduğunu düşünüyoruz. Geçtiğimiz güncellemede sizlere Pera ekosisteminin değişmekte olduğunun sinyallerini vermiştik. Bugün sizlerle bu değişimin detaylarını paylaşmanın heyecanını duyuyoruz. Yeni Pera Tokeni kullanıcılarına birden fazla araç ve kendi içine … Read more

IAO #010–99Starz!

Discover Animoca’s NFT Leasing and GameFi Ecosystem Apes, it’s time to welcome our newest IAO, 99Starz, to the Jungle! 🐵 🌴 Brought to you by Animoca Games, the largest blockchain gaming company in the world! 🤯 And a very close partner of the ApeSwap Jungle. ❤️ About 99Starz 💫 Simply put, 99Starz is creating a results driven cross-chain … Read more