Monthly Summary July

Release soon in:Thai – Russian – Chinese We have passed the first month of quarter 3, a time we relentlessly prepared our various launches in August. These include launching our new Alpha Build product, ZAAP, Alpha Incubate Demo Day, and the last but not the least, launching Homora on Optimism. There are many more achievements … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of August 1, 2022

The Bancor DAO approved several key proposals in governance this past week. Re-enable deposits on-chain In response to growing demand from a handful of DAOs, the Bancor DAO voted to re-enable liquidity deposits exclusively on-chain. DAOs and LPs wanting to utilize Bancor’s single-sided liquidity and external liquidity protection mechanisms to build liquidity for their tokens … Read more

CeDeFi: A Hybrid of CeFi and DeFi is More Sustainable

CeDeFi: The transparency offered by decentralized platforms is something CeFi can benefit from adopting. The solution could be to merge them into CeDeFi, says Lakov Levin, CEO of Midas.Investments. Despite the prolonged down market, the rate of crypto and blockchain adoption keeps growing across the industry. As of today, more than 300 million people globally own … Read more

Prepare Your Engines, Nitro is Imminent

tl;dr — Arbitrum One is migrating to Nitro on August 31st! Prep and test your contracts now! Refer to the migration notes, and stay up to date via our Twitter and Discord. One week ago we carried out our migration of the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet to Nitro. Overall the process went very well and now we’re looking forward … Read more

How ApeSwap Integrated Chainlink Keepers for BANANA Maximizer Vaults

Simplifying vault compounding and improving efficiency for users and the protocol [Editor’s note: this technical blog is primarily intended for Chainlink users and developers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach ApeSwap on Telegram or Discord.] What is ApeSwap? ApeSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform offering a full suite of tools to explore and … Read more

Lido AMM Pools on Polkadot and Kusama Redeployed

TL;DR stDOT-xcDOT and stKSM-xcKSM AMM stable pools on Curve and Solarbeam have been redeployed to fully support Lido staking rewards. Previously collected rewards are safe, and all LPs should move to new pools. The issue On the 2nd of August after studying numerous user reports we got confirmation from respective teams that both stDOT-xcDOT Curve … Read more

TOKE/ETH Curve v2 LP (Boost with Convex)

UI Update! The TOKE/ETH Curve v2 pool is activated and we’ve added a convenient way for Tokemechs to access providing liquidity to Curve (as well as boost their APR utilizing Convex) through the Tokemak UI at For the uninitiated with providing liquidity on Curve, please read the steps below carefully: “Learn more” brings you … Read more

Olympus H1 2022 Report

Over the last year, Olympus DAO has implemented a number of initiatives to improve understanding of how the DAO is executing on community authorized and mandated initiatives. Today, we are pleased to announce another transparency initiative: the Olympus DAO quarterly report series. The first report provides information about DAO activities during the first half of … Read more

DeFi Visions: Francesco Renzi

In DeFi Visions, a series of video interviews, the 1inch Network talks to the most prominent people in the DeFi space. In this post, you’ll find the main takeaways from a recent interview with Francesco Renzi, co-founder & CEO of Superfluid. Superfluid, a protocol that enables users to move assets in a decentralized environment, was … Read more

July 2022 Recap

In July, we alpacas still kept BUIDLing during the sideways market, as we continue to be laser-focused on developing Alpaca Finance as the most user-friendly and profitable DeFi platform. For one, we launched the AUSD3EPS staking feature, to allow stakers to access private Automated Vaults as per AIP-8. Alpaca Finance has also climbed in the … Read more