Diving into blockchain layers: L1 and L2

L2 solutions were created in order to address network throughput issues. Yet questions concerning their design and future development deserve more attention, specifically after the Ethereum Merge. A blockchain network handling on-chain transactions, like Ethereum, is considered to be a Layer 1 (L1) chain. However, the massive adoption of crypto in recent years, coupled with the … Read more

Avalanche Creates is Coming to Berkeley, California

A six day, in-person event with talks from Avalanche community leaders and mentorship from industry experts–culminating in a pitch day with top tier investors. Avalanche Creates is an event series prioritizing intimate, meaningful moments for developers, researchers, and creators building Web3 to connect and learn from industry experts. Compete in the Avalanche Creates Pitch Day, … Read more

Polkadot & Kusama APR UI Update

Since the launch of Lido on Polkadot and on Kusama we’ve made updates to the validator choosing algorithm side and also seen some changes on the network side leading to staking APR changes.   Whilst doing our best to provide both an effective and decentralized approach to staking, there are some network and market conditions … Read more

New Liquidity Mining Period & Rewards for Homora V2 on Optimism

The New LM period will run from September 29th – October 13th, 2022. This will be the last LM period on Optimism as of today (September 29th). We will provide an update again if there are any changes. Currently, our liquidity mining period will be distributing rewards to the following lending pools: WETH USDC DAI … Read more

Optimism launch

Alchemix Finance Sep 28 · 4 min read Optimism header Our multi-chain strategy Alchemix is continuing to diversify across multiple chains as they become feasible. There are many factors that contribute to our expansion plans, including the integrity of our product and security of our alAssets. Managing the protocol across multiple chains should be as … Read more

Re Is Building a Global Decentralized Insurance Marketplace on Avalanche

The integration will tokenize reinsurance, making it more widely available beyond its historical class of institutional participants. Re, a blockchain-powered reinsurer that has just left stealth mode after securing funding, is building a decentralized reinsurance marketplace on Avalanche. This marketplace will be global. It will aim to increase transparency through proof of reserves and transactions … Read more

Project Spotlight — Lunar Assistant

Project Spotlight — Lunar Assistant In our newest issue of Terra’s Project Spotlight, we’re pleased to re-introduce Lunar Assistant — the Discord bot which provided token-gated channels for over 16k users across 200+ projects, now live on Terra mainnet. To many LUNAtics in our community, Lunar Assistant is a familiar face that they would have interacted with. You may have … Read more

Opium Cheshire cats support Binance proof of identity

Andrey Belyakov Sep 28 · 5 min read It may proof humanity, KYC and region of a holder Binance-style Cheshire Intro Last year the Opium team presented Cheshire cat NFTs that can be used as an access token and also acquire the reputation of the user, KYC, humanity checks, and much more. Those NFTs are … Read more

Trustless Liquid Staking: Removing Intermediary Risk With SSV Technology

Ethan Nelson Sep 28 · 6 min read The many components of liquid staking can be a lot to take in if you’re new to DeFi. So a good rule of thumb is; that the more transparency and trustlessness, the better. In light of this, Ankr is teaming up with SSV.network, an Ethereum Foundation project, … Read more