Celsius Now Supports Avalanche

Users can now earn and borrow against their AVAX on Celsius. Avalanche’s native token $AVAX is now live on Celsius Network, a fintech platform that offers interest-bearing savings accounts, borrowing, and payments with digital and fiat assets. Users can now buy $AVAX within the Celsius app. Celsius does not charge any fees for the services, however, some … Read more

Non-fungible Cheshire cats (Opium ID)

Introducing decentralized Know Your Cat (KYC) technology for unique non-transferable IDs Andrey Belyakov Dec 29 · 4 min read Introducing Cheshire Opium Team presents Cheshire cat avatars. It is a unique NFT that can be used for verification, achievements, reputation, or access to special products. Your Opium avatar may be transferable, however, the recipient’s address … Read more

EQIFi Tech Updates: Nov 1st to 15th

EQIFI Just now·5 min read We deliver! In the past two weeks, we have engaged in redesigning and improving your customer experience with EQIFi. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools in the blockchain space to manage your assets and get all that extra income from DeFi. We don’t only talk the … Read more

FinTech Expert Deon Dreyer Joins Plethori

Plethori Sep 3 · 3 min read “Tokens, market cap, HODL, costs, slippage, DEX, CEX, yield farming; it often results in a very confusing crypto investment landscape,” says Deon Dreyer joining Plethori’s advisory board. He continues, “I am often reminded of the quote by Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman: ‘No one ever made a decision … Read more

Looking back and forward. April 2021 was a turbo month.

Anna Leven May 4 · 3 min read This month, Opium launched two brand-new Turbo products, that proved to be a success, on Polygon (ex-Matic), moved protocol to Polygon and more. Opium protocol is on Polygon (ex-Matic) As was mentioned in March ‘Looking back and forward’, we had plans to move the Opium protocol to … Read more

Introducing Opium TURBOS

Highly leveraged exposure vs. interest on crypto Andrey Belyakov Apr 26 · 7 min read First Turbos are at the market Summary We were working on an easy way to introduce return on Ethereum. In the meanwhile, we received a lot of requests for less conservative products. We listened, and today we are thrilled to … Read more

Looking back and forward — March 2021 edition

Optimistic oracles, olive oil futures, $Opium on Polygon and BSC, NFTs collection, new liquidity mining, first continuous insurance and we are hiring… Opium Team Apr 7 · 6 min read In a few years time we’ll look back at Q1 2021 and realize that it has been a pivotal time for crypto. Technological advancements, institutional … Read more

Optimistic off-chain oracles for DeFi

Opium is proud to announce a new implementation of Optimistic Oracles for DeFi use-cases! Andrey Belyakov Mar 30 · 3 min read At Opium we are building infrastructure for decentralized financial derivatives — usable by anyone! Besides innovating on our own products, we feel obligated to identify and co-develop new “building blocks” for the whole … Read more

The Aave Protocol V2

Stani Kulechov Dec 3, 2020 · 7 min read It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… V2 of the Aave Protocol on mainnet! The Aave Protocol V1 launched at the beginning of this year, with the goal of unlocking value in DeFi and improving the user experience. The protocol quickly grew to over $1B … Read more