Yeti Transparency Update #1

Transparency and openness is a core yeti principal for Blizzard.Money. We feel that transparency is always the best policy. We want you, our community to be informed and engaged with what we choose to do with the project, and why we do it. First off a couple of snowflakes of information to set the stage: Initial … Read more

1inch’s joint liquidity mining program with ICHI

Following recent successful farming programs, the 1inch and ICHI teams are excited to announce the launch of a new joint liquidity mining program. ICHI is the native token of the ICHI protocol, a community-driven infrastructure that enables any crypto community to create and run their own stablecoin pegged to the U.S. Dollar. Through this partnership both … Read more

This Blizzard is gaining strength!

You can now jump head first into the storm and get rewarded for doing it. Our yeti have been working hard in their caves making sure everything is just perfect. Introducing the first Blizzard Pools! Stake your BLZD in the pools to earn other tokens. The first pools to open are the BNB and BIFI pools. We’re … Read more

Build your own DCA strategy on Serum

Bonfida Mar 22·3 min read Stacking sats is a term used in the crypto community which means to regularly accumulate small amounts of Bitcoin. It can be done manually on centralized exchanges, but what about automating it on a decentralized exchange like Serum. Serum logo Bonfida Bots 🤖 Bonfida Bots can be used to automate … Read more

Alpha Homora (vBSC) adds leveraged BNB/UNI and BNB/YFI pools

Alpha Homora (vBSC) has been expanding quickly with more than $250M total value locked. The product will now expand to supports leveraged yield farming pools of BNB/UNI (3.0x) and BNB/YFI (3.0x) on PancakeSwap! How do users benefit from leveraged pools on Alpha Homora (vBSC)? Earn CAKE from yield farming process (higher CAKE APY from leverage) … Read more

Oliva Futures on OEX

Opium Team Mar 21 · 6 min read Oliva Futures issues first decentralized olive oil derivatives on the Opium Platform Why we need decentralized derivatives? A lot has changed since the first financial derivatives contracts were issued. Several centuries ago, rice futures were issued on the Dojima Rice Exchange as one of the first financial … Read more

Sushiswap <> Harvest Vesting Proposal

Hey all! This is a Bread, a food-based developer of the Harvest collective. Harvest was the first yield aggregator to support Sushiswap, and have accumulated 2/3rds of vesting Sushi that will start to be released at the end of April, for another 6 months or so. Our contracts are proxied, and we’ve prepared a strategy … Read more

Introducing Fusion Pools and Dual Yield

The fusion of Raydium and partner projects, further driving the expansion of the ecosystem It’s only been a month since the launch of Raydium, but things have moved pretty quick. A huge thanks to the community for all of the support so far. Here’s a peek at what’s next for Raydium, and the entire Solana … Read more