(EN) Venus v2 Vaults

Autofarm is integrating Venus v2 vaults this coming Friday, 9th April 2021. This v2 upgrade impacts the WBNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BTCB, ETH, DOT, and LINK single-asset vaults on Autofarm. Autofarm will thus be performing a migration for all Venus vaults and launching new Venus v2 vaults for all corresponding Venus vaults along with ADA and … Read more

Summary of the OIN + HyperPay + Dash AMA

After last month’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) session gained a lot of traction on social media, OIN is pleased to recap yet another insightful and popular AMA session that took place recently. AMA session recap Hosted by Nancy, HyperPay’s marketing director, the AMA included both Felix Mago, one of the co-founders of Dash NEXT, and Daniel … Read more

Kyber DMM beta is Live!

World’s 1st Dynamic Market Maker: Automated market making with greater flexibility and extremely high capital efficiency After months of extensive research, we are very excited to unveil the mainnet beta release of the long-awaited Kyber Dynamic Market Maker (DMM) protocol! Starting from today, any liquidity provider can make optimal use of idle tokens by adding … Read more

Ankr in Q1: 3-month recap

We are officially three months into 2021! Q1 has been nothing short of exciting, and we did our best to keep you up to date on our social media and bi-weekly newsletter. This post is a recap of the most important events from these last three months, including: StakeFi launch Becoming №1 Binance Smart Chain … Read more

(CN) AutoSwap v1 版本发行

AutoSwap v1 版本发行 AutoSwap是一个币安智能链上的去中心化交易所聚合器,由Autofarm团队自行研发设计。AutoSwap自动采用最优化的算法,来搜寻已经集成的去中心化交易所的最佳价格(最低滑点)。AutoSwap通过寻找最优交易路径及分拆交易,能够为用户在去中心化交易中找到最有利的成交价。 在此要感谢团队成员: @mildgiraffe 设计算法, @shieldedpenguin 设计平行多线路的搜寻程式,让大容量的搜寻需求更稳定, @fmnxl 前后端算法优化。 根据路线图的发展规划,Autofarm会在其他链上部署去中心化交易聚合器,如HECO、 Polkadot以及xDAI。 AutoSwap UI AutoSwap的优势 用户体验是AutoSwap最重要的一环,我们想要创造一个流畅并且简单易用的产品来让去中心化交易变得更简单。AutoSwap让用户不用四处比较不同DEX的换币汇率,同时还能享受到以下的便利性: 方便(从多个去中心化交易所中聚合) 最低滑点 最佳化路径分拆算法(显示在界面中) 获得比直接在单独的DEX交易更有利的汇率 AutoSwap不收取额外手续费 初期支持的去中心化交易所 在Autoswap上线初期,将支持以下三个最受欢迎的交易所 PancakeSwap BakerySwap JulSwap 除此之外 AutoSwap还会不断进行更新,包括但不限于 交易路径的算法优化 支持更多的去中心化交易所 用户界面更新(更多显示资讯,图表) 信息分析页面 💻 Website : https://autofarm.network🐦 Twitter : https://twitter.com/autofarmnetwork?s=21👾 Discord : https://discord.gg/bJ9ZsypQzv📰 Medium: https://autofarm-network.medium.com/☎️ Chinese TG: https://t.me/autofarmchinesechat🔉 TG Announcements : https://t.me/autofarm_network_ann (CN) AutoSwap v1 版本发行 was originally published in autofarm.network … Read more

Step Finance To Launch STEP Token

The Step Finance team is excited to announce today that we will soon be launching the $STEP token, a native Solana utility token on the 24th April 2021. Exact timing we will be providing over the coming weeks as we finalise the listing contracts with our IDO partner Raydium. IDO will be at a fixed … Read more

ApeSwap AMA Recap

Our very first AMA with the community 😋 There is never a dull moment when Obie Dobo is in the house 😎 Obie, grandfather of CZ Binance, hosted our first ever AMA on April 1st. There was trivia, memes, and lots of great questions 🔥 If you missed it we have a full recap for you … Read more

(EN) AutoSwap v1 Launch

AutoSwap v1 Launch AutoSwap is a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) aggregator on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which was designed in-house by the Autofarm team. The DEX aggregator is powered by intelligent algorithms so that users will be able to find the best prices and swap rates (with lowest slippage) when making swaps in Decentralised Finance (DeFi). This … Read more

LINK Beta, $100k Bancor Bounty, and Vesper’s First “VIPs” — A Week in Review

LINK Beta, $100k Bancor Bounty, and Vesper’s First “VIPs” — A Week in Review Vesper Launches LINK Pool in Beta On April 2, Vespernauts welcomed LINK Marines into our first expansionary Grow pool beyond the original three. The vLINK pool, which can be accessed at the Vesper Beta app, is now open for deposits.  — @VesperFi Initially, the LINK pool … Read more