DeFi Visions: Jordan Spence

The new installment of DeFi Visions, a series of video interviews in which 1inch talks to the most prominent projects and personalities in DeFi, features the main takeaways from a recent interview with MetaMask’s Jordan Spence. Jordan Spence’s journey with the Ethereum ecosystem began in mid-2017. “I hadn’t heard about Ethereum until May of 2017,” he … Read more

1inch partners with KuCoin Wallet

The 1inch API continues to expand in the DeFi space, now strengthening the swapping functionality of the KuCoin Wallet, focused on opening the gateway to Web3 world to its users. The 1inch Network is thrilled to share that the 1inch API has been integrated into the KuCoin Wallet to launch its native swap feature. The algorithm … Read more

Step update #10- Solanafloor Acquisition and more

Step Finance Aug 11 · 4 min read Solanafloor the home of NFT Data Analytics The last month has been a very exciting time for Step for those who have been following along our socials and discord. The most important announcement of late has been our acquisition of Solanafloor and how that plays into the … Read more

The extended gas refund program is now available to yet more users

The 1inch Foundation maximizes the accessibility of the gas refund program by eliminating the entry barrier related with 1INCH staking and compensates for July in accordance with the expanded terms. The 1inch Foundation is happy to share the expansion of the 1inch Gas Refund program. Compensation is available to all users who swap tokens on the … Read more

Whirlpools Rotation #9: August 11th — August 25th

Orca Aug 11 · 3 min read ECOSYSTEM UPDATES Fresh Whirlpools and Double-Dips are rolling into the Orca ecosystem! 🌊 Whirlpools Rotation #9 🌀 Duration: Thursday August 11th — Thursday August 25th, 2022 Total Rewards: ORCA rewards for this Rotation will be ~30K ORCA per week, with the distribution across our pools detailed below. All … Read more

Vybe DEX is live

Project Serum Aug 10 · 2 min read Serum Community is pleased to announce the launch of Vybe DEX, a data-driven trading interface powered by Serum’s Central Limit Order Book and matching engine, built and hosted by Vybe Network. This trading platform is now available on desktop web interface, where users can buy, sell and … Read more

Living through crypto cycles

The crypto space is going through a protracted bear market — or a “crypto winter.” This post looks at the reasons of the current downturn, previous cycles and positive outcomes. For over six months now, the crypto market has been on a downward spiral. The flagship cryptocurrency, BTC, has lost about two-thirds of its all-time high of … Read more

Injective Raises $40,000,000 to Advance Web3 Finance

Injective has raised $40M to accelerate the adoption and growth of Web3 finance. The funding round consisted of Jump Crypto and BH Digital (the crypto arm of famed hedge fund manager Alan Howard). This new capital will enable Injective to spur further development aimed at creating the industry-leading blockchain optimized for financial applications. Injective will … Read more

July Recap By

Hello Oasis Fellows Let’s start with the biggest news: Referral Program is here and from this month, you can EARN ON YOUR FRIENDS’ fees (together with them!). Read more below, or start right now, copy your code and spread the voice! This month we were on fire, also with product releases!  New automation features were introduced in the past weeks, … Read more

Introducing Ren 2.0

Ren Community Aug 10 · 5 min read Today we are excited to introduce the next iteration of Ren in this emergent multichain world. Ren 2.0 is an open protocol, enabling novel multichain application development with EVM support — leveraging Ren’s robust bridging technology for a new world of opportunities. Background The Ren protocol has … Read more