ETH/USDT Perpetual Market Relaunch

TLDR: Due to sudden market volatility in the ETH market, a safeguard mechanism in the protocol automatically paused the ETH/USDT PERP market to protect users from further liquidation. The safeguard and the protocol more broadly are operating as intended. Insurance funds have been increased by over 10X to reduce the risk of a repeat event. … Read more

The Atria Release

Later today (December 3, ~08:00 UTC), the Atria release will begin. During this release, minting, burning, and claiming will be down on L2 only for 2-3 hours. Here’s what’s included in this release: SIP-192: Fee Pool Accounting Error Fix and Reimbursement: Fixes an error where fees from WrapperFactory are double-counted. An error in the WrapperFactory … Read more

Sienna Network and Band Protocol partner on real-time price data for SiennaLend

Privacy-first and cross-chain DeFi platform Sienna Network has partnered with Band Protocol, a decentralized data oracle that aggregates real-world data, for the organization’s oracle data delivery. The Band Oracle sends data to smart contracts on blockchains such as Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystem to bring that external data safely and securely to the on-chain environment. Band … Read more

‘Institutions Aren’t Going to Let a Bunch of Young People Take Away Their Power,’ Says Persistence CEO

BeinCrypto spoke to Tushar Aggarwal, CEO, and Co-founder of Persistence, about institutions stepping into the decentralized finance world and what this means for the space. Sponsored Sponsored Aggarwal is the CEO of Persistance One, a protocol that focuses on institutional and crypto-aware investors. It is an ecosystem that allows for exposure to multiple asset classes across … Read more

ALPHA & AVAX Rewards Allocation Starts Now

Alpha has joined hands with Avalanche to allocate $6 million ALPHA and AVAX rewards for lenders on Alpha Homora V2 on Avalanche ($3M in AVAX and $3M in ALPHA). The time has come for the first incentive rewards for Alpha Homora V2 on Avalanche. The rewards will begin allocating on December 2nd, 8AM UTC. Similar … Read more

A Retrospective on the Across Launch and What’s Next

UMA Dec 2 · 3 min read TL;DR — UMA launched Across Protocol in early November. Across is a bridging solution which uses UMA’s Optimistic Oracle (OO) to speed up Layer 2 (L2) to Layer 1 (L1) transactions. Across has been offered entirely to the community to take over as co-founders. Background Ethereum’s progress has … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Volume 1 • Issue 9 After an exciting and jam packed couple of months of intense development, we’re back to share our updates with The Flock. We’ve got a lot to cover from our Binance Labs Incubator Program selection through to community engagement programs. So let’s get to it! Binance Labs Incubator Program The Binance Labs Incubator … Read more

Arbitrum RPC Is Now Live on Ankr Protocol!

Franciska Kovacs Dec 1 · 3 min read The Ankr Protocol’s public RPC toolbox continues to grow, and already we are releasing capability for another hotly anticipated project. Developers will now be able to access an Arbitrum Public RPC, make requests calls, and receive information returns that will mirror the results you would get by … Read more

Host 2 Host is Live

A New Era for RenVM Ren Community Just now·5 min read We are very excited to announce Host 2 Host is now live on Mainnet! Host 2 Host allows RenVM to support and bridge almost any asset on any blockchain. A few examples of the token types and possibilities Host 2 Host provides: Generic ERC20 … Read more

Autofarm Adds Support for Fantom — The Fifth Chain on the Platform!

Autofarm Adds Support for Fantom — The Fifth Chain on the Platform! In less than a week since Autofarm’s integration with Avalanche, we are excited to announce yet another chain integration — this time, with Fantom! The integration of Fantom on Autofarm makes it the fifth supported chain on the platform, cementing Autofarm’s vision of becoming a multi-chain platform that … Read more