Harvest x Llama: Open DAO Books

Read all Harvest’s on-chain data: Financials, FARM Buybacks & Emissions, Vaults’ Profits, Treasury Statements & Holdings. Despite being transparent, blockchains are hard to read like an open book by someone who casually uses services like etherscan. This changes today at Harvest with this Dune dashboard designed by our friends at Llama. It is promising to see … Read more

Introducing BANANA Maximizer Vaults: A Robo-Manager for Your Liquidity

Over the past year, one of the most requested utilities for the BANANA token is a way to continually gain interest without the need to manage resources on a daily basis. Other platforms offer ways for users to re-stake rewards without human intervention — why can’t this apply to ApeSwap’s offerings? We’ve heard the community, and the … Read more

Harvest Expands to Arbitrum, Launching Beta Dapp ft. Dolomite

We’re excited to announce that Harvest on Arbitrum is now live thanks to our collaboration with Dolomite. As of today, anyone can start using Harvest on Arbitrum via the interface provided by Dolomite at harvest.dolomite.io With over 55% TVL market share and instant transaction confirmations, Arbitrum has positioned itself as the next promising Layer 2 … Read more

Harvest 3: The New Beginning

Introducing: Arbitrum & Leveraged Vaults ft. Dolomite, Managed Uniswap 3 Strategies, New Dapp & Frontpage, DAO Insights ft. Llama & Ops Automation ft. Gelato TL;DR Revamped Website with an end to end Dapp redesign Dolomite x Harvest = Acres of Arbitrum with leveraged vaults Degen Delights — Managed Uniswap V3 Strategies Strategic DAO Insights ft. Llama Operation Automation of Harvest’s … Read more

Autofarm x Moonbeam

Autofarm launches on Moonbeam (the 16th chain) We keep ’em coming. Autofarm is happy to be deploying on Moonbeam Network & to bring users 9 new StellaSwap & BeamSwap vaults! Moonbeam Network joins the Autofarm chain-family as the 16th chain to be supported, bringing us and our users even closer towards being a truly chain-agnostic DeFi … Read more

Grazing Range Pool#52 — Welcoming GYMNET to the herd!

Grazing Range Pool#52 — Welcoming GYMNET to the herd! Dear alpacas, We senior alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — Gym Network! All you young alpacas will be able to earn $91k USD in GYMNET rewards by staking ALPACA in the governance vault, which will be distributed over 8 weeks. The pool will go live on … Read more