VUSD Stablecoin In Beta, Vesper API Docs Released — The Week in Review

VUSD Stablecoin In Beta, Vesper API Docs Released — The Week in Review Also: Global Ambassador Program launches, USDCv3 migration begins, JeffTheBaker does an AMA, Unit Protocol, Ruler Protocol, and… logos. VUSD Enters Beta — A Crypto-native Stablecoin We’re excited to announce that Vesper is actively working on a new crypto-backed stablecoin: VUSD. VUSD is a proposed stablecoin pegged to the … Read more

Vesper Launches Phase One of Global Ambassador Program

First group includes representatives from China, Japan, Turkey, Russia, and Vietnam Vesper Finance is committed to becoming a truly global DeFi platform for growing crypto assets. As part of that commitment, Vesper has launched the first wave of its Global Ambassador Program that will grow Vesper’s global reach in local communities. Building A Global Community of … Read more

USDCv3 Incentivized Beta Goes Live, Vespernaut Community Grows

Also: Gauntlet proposal passes, ambassador orientation scheduled, plus Consensus, Bad Crypto, and more. USDC v3 (Incentivized Beta) Pool Goes Live The much-awaited USDCv3 pool has launched on Vesper’s beta site and is currently accepting deposits. As part of the incentivized beta, 50,000 VSP tokens will be paid to participants. To receive your share, all you have to … Read more

Gauntlet + Vesper for On-Chain Risk Management

DeFi modeling platform Gauntlet will work with Vesper to build out an on-chain risk management system for more secure strategies, higher yield, and a superior UI. Per the passing governance vote, vVSP holders have greenlit a collaboration between Gauntlet and Vesper per the specifications of Gauntlet’s proposal. Gauntlet has experience as an active contributor on other … Read more

USDC (v3) Beta to Debut the First Multi-Strategy Pool; VSP/vVSP Live on CREAM, Bridged to Polygon

Also: First bounty paid for early fixed-rate pool work, Vesper to sponsor DAS 2021, and more. VSP/vVSP on CREAM VSP and vVSP tokens are now officially live on Cream.Finance as collateral assets. Users can now supply and borrow Vesper tokens. This also paves the way for future potential yield farming pools on the Vesper platform.  — @CreamdotFinance Since … Read more

Incentivized Beta for New USDC Pool: What You Need to Know

It’s just like the incentivized beta from the original Vesper launch, but focused on the first multi-strategy pool. Earlier this week, we announced to Vespernauts that there will be a new USDC pool coming to the VesperDev beta app. It will be the first to employ Vesper’s multi-strategy capability, which is expected to deliver higher … Read more

Jordan Kruger Becomes Vesper’s CEO, Vesper + Gauntlet, Ambassador Selection Progresses

Also: Jordan’s first AMA, Matthew’s RealVision interview, and more. Jordan Kruger Becomes CEO of Vesper On Thursday of this week, Vesper co-founder Jeff Garzik proudly announced to the Vesper community that fellow co-founder Jordan Kruger has been appointed CEO for Vesper Brewing Co. Jeff Garzik, Vesper’s chief designer and CTO, posted: Jordan has been my partner in Vesper since … Read more

Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review

Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review Also: Blockforce receives grant, UNI/USDT vote passes, Immunifi manages bug bounties, plus Vesper data insights Ambassador Program Launches Building a world-class community will be a key element of Vesper’s ongoing success. The ambassador program is designed to grow Vesper’s reach in tight-knit local communities and to surface that … Read more

LINK Pool Launches, Blockforce Pitches Proposal, Vote on UNI/USDT Pool Goes Live

Also: Vesper works with Chainlink on advanced TVL reporting, CREAM vote carries, and Jeff Garzik on the roadmap. LINK Vesper Grow Pool Launches This week was filled with exciting news from within the Chainlink orbit. Two important announcements, actually. The first turned out to be one of crypto’s worst-kept secrets within that 24-hour period — the graduation of the … Read more

Vesper to Integrate Chainlink for Best Possible TVL Data, Launches LINK Pool

Thanks to a community vote, our conservative Vesper Grow LINK pool has graduated from our beta site to the main Vesper app. That said, the Vesper team is equally excited to announce that our work in the Chainlink ecosystem goes a lot deeper. On behalf of our community, we want to work with leaders to deliver … Read more