Vespernaut Stories: Onur Sait Sevim

Vesper Finance Aug 13 · 3 min read In this installment, we feature the story behind our energetic and passionate Turkish ambassador, Onur. Onur’s first foray into crypto began eight years ago after reading an article on Ripple and its potential applications within the banking sector. For Turkish Vespernauts, Onur regularly produces video content on … Read more

New UNI, USDT Pools Go Into Production on Main Vesper App

Vesper Finance Aug 9 · 1 min read As of today, the conservative UNI and USDT Grow pools graduated from the beta environment to No action is required for anyone beta-testing the pools. (In fact, anyone in the beta pool started earning VSP rewards immediately after the pools went to the main site.) In … Read more

This Week: New “Treasury v2” VIP, UNI & USDT Pools Get Launch Date, and More

Also: Blockforce Capital update, Matthew Roszak speaking at Chainlink Smart Contract Summit, Jordan Kruger kicks off weekly AMA series Vesper Finance Aug 7 · 4 min read New VIP — Building Towards Sustainability Vesper Brewing Company Ltd. has proposed changes to Vesper’s emissions, revenue, and treasury model outlined in VIP-9. Additional information surrounding the mechanics … Read more

Building Toward Sustainability

A proposal for how we as a Vespernaut community can improve on the Vesper treasury and revenue model moving forward Jordan Kruger Aug 6 · 6 min read TL;DR: The following outlines an evolution of the Vesper treasury/revenue model in continued support of an innovative and effective Vesper ecosystem. Proposers from Vesper Brewing Co. will … Read more

Aug. 9 — UNI and USDT Pools Emerge from Beta

With the audits completed, and a successful mainnet testing, the UNI and USDT Vesper Grow Pools are ready to go into production on the main Vesper app. Vesper Finance Aug 5 · 2 min read Starting Monday, August 9th (time TBD), users will be able to access the conservative UNI and USDT pools on … Read more

Vespernaut Stories: Ken

In the world of Vesper Finance, you can’t spell “weekend” without the letters K, E, and N. Vesper Finance Aug 4 · 4 min read In today’s edition of Vespernaut Stories, we get to know the Vespernaut who keeps our community destinations humming on Saturdays and Sundays — Vespernaut Ken. After suffering “total DeFi exhaustion” … Read more

New VIP Coming Soon, Project Status Page Launches, & Vesper Japan Conducts AMA

Also: Vesper Co-founders talk DeFi with AWS startup clients, plus Chainlink Smart Contract Summit Aug. 7 Vesper Finance Jul 30 · 3 min read New VIP Coming Week of August 2 Vesper Brewing Co Ltd. will be submitting a VIP that addresses some of the feedback the Vespernauts have had in regards to the Treasury. … Read more

This Week: Vesper Lend and Aggressive DAI Pools Launch in Beta

Also: Speaking at AWS Summit and Chainlink Smart Contract Summit Vesper Finance Jul 23 · 3 min read Introducing Vesper Lend Beta Vesper introduced Vesper Lend in beta as a Rari Fuse pool governed by vVSP holders. These holders are responsible for whitelisting new assets and managing collateral ratios. Users can take out loans against … Read more

This Week in DeFi – July 23

To the DeFi comunity, This week, Grayscale introduced a new DeFi fund tracking asset allocations set by the Coindesk DeFi index. As with other Grayscale products, eligible (accredited) investors and institutions can buy into the fund to track the performance of a basket of blue-chip DeFi protocol tokens, with Grayscale working towards listing the fund … Read more

Vesper Finance Introduces Vesper Lend (Beta)

Vesper Lend enables creation of yield sources for emerging tokens, higher yield for existing users, and a new utility to token holders. Vesper Finance Jul 21 · 2 min read Vesper Lend (beta) is live as a Rari Fuse pool. This is a lending platform governed by vVSP in the same way that vVSP holders … Read more