Dear Venus community, Many of you have already realised that those anonymous attackers attempted to hijack Venus and steal 3.7 million XVS funds. The Venus team has stopped this proposal through the Governance guardian. Governance guardian is a security measure that is supposed to only be activated in emergency situations and this was one of … Read more

The solution to VAI off-peg problem: Stability Fee

Dear Venus community, After discussing with the risk team and the Venus development team, and consulting external experts, we have determined a solution to VAI’s off-peg problem. We believe that the program needs to meet three conditions: 1. The program has been implemented in other projects, and its effectiveness and safety have been verified. 2. … Read more

A note on the progress of Venus tokenomics

Dear Venus Community, After many rounds of consultation and discussions with professional consultants, we released the draft version of Venus tokenomics last week and continue to receive some feedback and inquiries. Here is the final version based on community feedbacks: Next, we will answer some questions that everyone cares about: 1. Will the exchange … Read more

Venus Tokenomics Proposal(Final Version)

As mentioned before, a balanced and healthy tokenomics is currently the top priority for Venus because it determines how Venus multiple participants will collaborate and support the development of the protocol. A good tokenomics model aims to create a selling point where the protocol growth, sustainability, and safety take priority over individual stakeholder objectives. Based … Read more

Notice on adjusting the risk parameters of BNB、SXP、XVS、Cake and MATIC

Dear Venus Community, The V1 version of the Venus risk framework has been released. Next, we will initiate VIPs for various risk parameters of the assets based on the risk framework. The first VIP we will initiate is for XVS、SXP、Cake and MATIC. First of all,according to the risk framework’s evaluation of SXP and XVS, we strongly … Read more

Venus Interest Rate Model V1

The purpose of this documentation is to import, explain and present the new interest rate model for Venus protocol. Although the community knows the interest very well, the interest rate model is still quite an unfamiliar concept. The model is calibrated to manage liquidity risk and optimise utilisation. Aiming to contribute to higher risk standards … Read more

Venus Risk Assessment Framework

The purpose of this documentation is to explain the process of risk assessment for currencies supported by Venus proctol. The assessment is mainly based on the current market condition and proctol user data, because the Venus Risk Management Team wants to be in a relatively objective manner. The assessment uses the quantitative model/score to measure … Read more

Venus AMA Q&A

AMA TIME: 2021.6.26 1:00 AM (UTC) Danny:Good Morning/Evening everyone! For those who might not know already, well, my name is Danny, I’m from Canada and I’m your new Global Community Deputy for Venus and I will be the host of this AMA. I will start by answering the regroupment of the many questions that were … Read more

Venus Protocol — Incident Post Mortem

Venus Protocol — Incident Post Mortem Please note: The information contained herein is not for any purpose but informational and for transparency purposes. This information may only be used in conjunction with data research and we do not make any claims to any information herein for any other purpose. Some information will also be redacted or abbreviated due … Read more

Venus Protocol — Update 5/27

Venus Protocol — Update 5/27 To the Venus Community: We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the latest news regarding the Venus Incident Report. As of today, we have been in extensive conversations with many market participants and are happy to announce we have secured counter-parties for the system shortfall in full. Venus will be … Read more