How ApeSwap Integrated Chainlink Keepers for BANANA Maximizer Vaults

Simplifying vault compounding and improving efficiency for users and the protocol [Editor’s note: this technical blog is primarily intended for Chainlink users and developers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach ApeSwap on Telegram or Discord.] What is ApeSwap? ApeSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform offering a full suite of tools to explore and … Read more

AAVE vault integration

Alchemix Finance Aug 1 · 1 min read AAVE Vault strategies are now live on Alchemix. The addition of these vaults adds further yield sources to our continually expanding ecosystem. The global deposit cap for each asset has been kept the same or reduced by taking unused cap space from the Yearn-strategy vaults. Keeping the … Read more

Traversing the Balancer Vault with Smart Order Routing (SOR)

The flexibility of Balancer Protocol’s SOR ensures any custom Pool built on Balancer can benefit from all Balancer liquidity. Balancer is a generalized Automated Market Maker (AMM) with a single Vault architecture at its core. Balancer V2’s Vault separates the token accounting and management from the Pool logic. The Vault is a single contract that … Read more

Vaults Offboarding Proposal Passed (BAL, COMP, AAVE)

As of November 19th 2021, as part of the weekly Maker Governance Cycle, MKR holders voted to initiate the offboarding of some vault types. These vaults will be removed from the Maker Protocol either because there is low demand for them, or the low liquidity on the Ethereum markets prevents from increasing the debt ceiling … Read more

Oasis Multiply Users Will Now Save Up to 30% in Fees Thanks To FMM Integration

One month ago the Multiply feature was added to enable users to deposit their collateral and get up to 4x on your favorite assets in leverage-like trading. We’ve had an amazing response to this feature, simplifying our users’ usage of the Maker protocol.  Today we are releasing our first update of Multiply to use the … Read more

RAMP x Injective | Collateralize INJ-BNB LP Assets Into Liquid Capital While Earning 129% APY

RAMP x Injective | Collateralize INJ-BNB LP Assets Into Liquid Capital While Earning 129% APY Since the early phase of RAMP DEFI, we have been working closely with Injective Protocol to push the frontiers of DeFi innovation. Today, we are excited to share that the INJ-BNB Vault has been launched on RAMP V2, which allow INJ-BNB … Read more

Nerve x RAMP Metapool Launch | Swap rUSD Effortlessly with Fiat-Backed Stablecoins

We are excited to share that Nerve and RAMP have collaboratively launched a rUSD Metapool to facilitate stablecoin swaps with low slippages. 1) Partnership Key Points RAMP allows users to over-collateralize supported assets such as RAMP tokens, Pancake LP tokens and other tokens on its platform into rUSD, a stablecoin. Nerve Finance is a stable swap … Read more

Auto-Compounding RAMP-BUSD Pancake Vault on Binance Smart Chain Now Live! *User Guide Inside*

RAMP-BUSD Pancake Vault Overview We are excited to share that the RAMP-BUSD Pancake Vault is now live on This strategy is integrated with PancakeSwap as the underlying protocol. RAMP-BUSD FLIP LP tokens deposited into this vault will be deployed into the PancakeSwap farm to farm CAKE tokens. Every time a user deposit or withdraw RAMP-BUSD FLIP … Read more

PancakeSwap Strategy | New RAMP-BUSD FLIP LP Vault Launching on Binance Smart Chain

We are excited to share that a new V2 Vault is launching on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on 21 April 2021. This is the second V2 Vault we are launching on BSC, and will be for the RAMP-BUSD FLIP LP token. This strategy is integrated with PancakeSwap as the underlying protocol. A user guide will be … Read more

RAMP V2 Vault on Binance Smart Chain Now Live! *User Guide Inside*

We are happy to announce that RAMP V2 Staking Vault is now live on Binance Smart Chain. As the Binance Smart Chain has a block time of ~3 seconds compared to Ethereum of ~13 seconds, the per block rewards shall be adjusted accordingly. The BSC V2 Staking Vault shall start with rewards of 0.46 RAMP per … Read more