vStake Pool Incident Post-Mortem

May 5, 2021 Summary The vStake profit-sharing pool for vBSWAP was recently the subject of an exploit that resulted in a loss of user deposits in that pool. The VALUE team proposes two approaches to make affected users whole The Incident On May 5th 2021, 3:22 AM UTC, the exploiter re-initialized the pool and set the operator role … Read more

Value DeFi x ApeSwap

A mutually beneficial partnership to build TVL and Volume on BSC Motivation: Both Apeswap & Value DeFi are trying to capture as much liquidity and trading volume on BSC as possible, opening avenues for a potential partnership. Futhermore, Value DeFi and ApeSwap will combine their resources to bring more liquidity to their DEXs. Both projects will … Read more

First BTC and ZEC bridge on BSC

Deployed by Value DeFi; Powered by RenVM. Key Points: First native RenVM integration on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). First Zcash stableswap pool ever | $renZEC <-> ZEC-B. Third renBTC stableswap pool on Binance Smart Chain. Yield Farming ZEC and BTC vPegSwap Pools | First renZEC liquidity mining program Link to Bridge: https://bsc.valuedefi.io/#/ren Link to Original Article: https://medium.com/valuedefi/value-defi-x-ren-protocol-f6e3d9838b81 Overview Value DeFi … Read more

Value DeFi: Progress Update

Dev Team updates, transparency and goals. vBSWAP Emissions Re-adjustment For Value DeFi to progress further, we have been in contact with Venture Capitalists (VCs) for their assistance in bringing more attention to our project. Therefore, we have slightly increased vBSWAP emissions that go to the Reserve Fund for an additional 5% specifically for strategic partners. The … Read more

Rebranding and Expansion

Rebranding During our plans of introducing a new brand style, we were able to outline and start fixing the holes in our current format, especially regarding communication, delivery and marketing. Therefore, we have planned and started implementing a new brand for Value DeFi. Outside of this rebranding, we plan to move all products under one … Read more