Looking Back and Forward. July 2021.

Opium Team Aug 3 · 4 min read July has been a lovely summer month for the Opium team and the Opium community, with some exciting developments happening, meeting our passionate builders face-to-face, as well as launching some interesting new products. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to: Product Updates Staking Pool Performance … Read more

Community Commentaries 7/22/21

Welcome back to our latest community commentaries! The BDP team has been hard at work getting our name out on Crypto Twitter, pushing forward our products, and launching new datasets every week. Marketing ICYMI, here’s a recap of our marketing over the last few weeks: ◾ Jun 22: Podcast & Twitter Space Discussion with Alex Cutler of … Read more

Recap: Week 46

Dear Farmers, Week 46 was very intense & fruitful for our commune. We are now changing the schedule of the weekly updates to be released on Fridays. Let’s get into it! Summary V2 Launch Balancer ft. Harvest Introduction of ampliFARM & Boost New Terra UST Vault 50k Followers New Emission Schedule 1. V2 Launch On Monday, 12 June 2021 we entered a … Read more

Ankr: the foundation for BSC project development

Franciska Kovacs Jul 1 · 2 min read As we continue building out Binance Smart Chain infrastructure for developers, we are happy to announce that Ankr now offers a full suite of API Developer Solutions. Developers can now instantly access a private endpoint for both full nodes and archive nodes on Binance Smart Chain using … Read more

Reddit AMA highlights

Franciska Kovacs Jun 25 · 9 min read In case you missed our AMA here is all the info you need! Q1: What can we as a community do to help Ankr? A: Spread the word. Tell other people about what we are doing. Within the community be both helpful to newcomers and positive generally. … Read more

Community Commentaries 6/2/21

🍜 Oh waiter, can I get another $bBETA? 🙌 In our ninth weekly update, we’re proud to announce our second data collection token. bBETA builds on the bALPHA collection, featuring commercially valuable datasets from ClosingBell, Glassnode, Amass Insights and more. By popular demand, we are distributing bBETA via farming and a 2-stage airdrop. Farming bBETA by staking … Read more

BDP Community Commentaries 5/23/21

Last week has been a tough one in crypto. Markets tumbling, investors wringing hands, and omens of an impending bear market ahead. And right next to them, 💎-handed crypto veterans unshaken, annealed in the fires of earlier bear markets, watching as projects with strong fundamentals & long-term value keep working, keep building. Our eight community … Read more

Good News for PolkaPet NFT Holders Ankr x NudeColony NFT Airdrop

Are you an Ankr PolkaPet holder? We have exciting news for you! We are joining forces with Nude Colony — the first NFT collection built exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain — for a surprise NFT airdrop. This Friday, on May 14th, 100 randomly chosen Ankr PolkaPet holders will receive one of the 1009 exclusive Nude NFTs. About Nude Colony Each Nude … Read more

A Deep Dive Into Ankr’s API services

All about Ankr Api’s Developer APIs are one of the core services provided by Ankr to empower Web 3.0 adoption through accessible, easy-to-use infrastructure. Ankr’s API services allow users to instantly deploy decentralized applications on the leading blockchains including Binance Chain, Ethereum, Kusama, and Polkadot. The complexity of blockchains makes it impossible for everyone to interact … Read more