Uniswap Restricts Access To Synthetic Assets In DApp UI

The Uniswap team has restricted access to several dozen tokens from their user interface, leaving users questioning the role of decentralized governance in the move. As of today, we have started restricting access to a small number of tokens at https://t.co/liqYXtQoM2 These changes pertain to the interface at https://t.co/liqYXtQoM2 — the Protocol remains entirely autonomous, … Read more

Update: Developer Mining and Grants Program

Clayton Roche Jul 21 · 3 min read Tl;dr The developer mining program will continue to run until September 30th. There will be some changes to the program as we explore here. Teams may also submit proposals for KPI Option grants. The developer mining program has run for about 3 quarters and has been responsible … Read more


Mhairi McAlpine Jul 14 · 3 min read Week ending 9th July UMA Raises $2.6 mm from Range Token Pilot Risk Labs (the foundation supporting UMA) has minted the first ever Range Token backed by $UMA collateral. This inaugural range token was created to prove the concept and showcase the power of the primitive. $2.6mm … Read more


Mhairi McAlpine Jun 29 · 4 min read Week ending 25th June Voter Dapp upgrade Tokenholders who voted this week may have noticed a rather stylish upgrade to our Voter Dapp. More human readable information is provided about each vote including links to the relevant sources of information. If you are a tokenholder but have … Read more

This Week in DeFi – June 25

To the DeFi Community, This week, Impermax moves on to Polygon, allowing LP tokens to be restaked to earn additional yield, increasing capital efficiency on the leading Eth scaling solution.Supported pairs will also receive Quickswap QUICK token rewards from LP tokens staked using Impermax, further increasing the rewards potential of providing liquidity on Polygon. 1/ … Read more

uLABS: Range Tokens in Detail

How To Build A Range Token Kevin Chan Jun 21 · 8 min read In our previous article we introduced range tokens as a new treasury primitive for DAOs to access funds and diversify their treasury. In this article we provide a more technical explanation detailing the payout function and walk through how a range … Read more