This Week In DeFi – June 24

To the DeFi community, This week decentralized derivatives platform dYdX decided to create its own applicaiton-specific standalone chain, as part of the Cosmos ecosystem. The move will also complete the decentralization of the platform – marking an important milestone for dYdX once the transition is complete. dYdX developers reasoned that no L1 or L2 solution … Read more

The 1inch Network is integrated into Trust Wallet

The 1inch API now powers the swapping functionality of one of the most popular crypto wallets. The 1inch Network is glad to share that after a successful governance vote, the 1inch API has been integrated into Trust Wallet to power its swap functionality. Previously, the Trust Swap functionality used a combination of Uniswap and PancakeSwap. From … Read more

How to Buy BIFI

Managing a yield optimization platform is like managing any other creative organization — a research laboratory, a magazine, an architect’s office, a great kitchen. Most of the time the team has its head down, planning vault launches, scrutinising smart contracts, coordinating announcements, upholding standards of service and participating in the deadly serious business of meme warfare. But we’ve also … Read more

Ho, Ho, Ho! Moooorry Christmas

How to participate in the Beefy Christmas Lottery Hi Moofians!🐄 Welcome to the Christmas lottery! It’s been an amazing experience developing this project together with such a nice community in Binance Smart Chain. And now, with the support of other projects, we decided together to put some presents under the tree!🎄 Thanks to the support of … Read more