The Peacock Release

Later today (1/18/22), the Peacock release will begin. During this release, there will not be any downtime on L1 or L2. Here’s what’s included in this release: SIP-200: Fix FeePool Rewards Distribution: Fix the FeePool contract such that only correctly authorized addresses can call setRewardsToDistribute. The current authorization logic for the setRewardsToDistribute method can be … Read more

Synthetix partners with Gauntlet for risk management modeling

Synthetix is excited to partner with the Gauntlet team to provide automated financial risk management simulations for the Synthetix protocol. The unique mechanics of the Synthetix protocol require deep analysis to optimize, and Gauntlet has the resources, systems, and experience to ensure that Synthetix has both proper risk management and optimized capital efficiency. Gauntlet is … Read more

Ignition: Synthetix (SNX) Token Reactor Deposits Now Live ⚔️

The Synthetix (SNX) Token Reactor is now live for deposits. You may now begin depositing SNX and earn TOKE on tAsset Reminder All Token Reactor deposits give you 1:1 tABC assets that are a claim on the underlying deposited assets. If you deposit 10 SNX, you will receive 10 tSNX tokens. Please keep in … Read more

Major Subgraph Improvements

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently released a major update to our subgraphs. This will allow for easier and more accurate queries of data from the Synthetix protocol via The Graph. If you’re a developer who would like to start using them right away, head over to the synthetix-subgraph repository on GitHub. This is … Read more

The Alhena Release

Later today (December 16, ~00:00 UTC), the Alhena release will begin. During this release, minting, burning, and claiming will be down on L2 only for 1-2 hours. Here’s what’s included in this release: SIP-188: Add sETHBTC synth on L1: Adds a synth to L1 that mirrors the ratio of prices between ETH and BTC. SIP-194: … Read more

Come join us on Dec 15/ Dec 16 for the next Synthetix community governance call!

The next Synthetix community governance call is scheduled for December 16th at 10pm UTC (12/15 afternoon/evening for western hemisphere; 12/16 morning for eastern hemisphere), and we’d love for you to join us! The current agenda for this month’s meeting (subject to change) is as follows: Welcome Spartan Council update New CC Intro Futures update New … Read more

The Atria Release

Later today (December 3, ~08:00 UTC), the Atria release will begin. During this release, minting, burning, and claiming will be down on L2 only for 2-3 hours. Here’s what’s included in this release: SIP-192: Fee Pool Accounting Error Fix and Reimbursement: Fixes an error where fees from WrapperFactory are double-counted. An error in the WrapperFactory … Read more

Futures Update

Ever since our transition to Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ) kicked off earlier this year, we have been working towards our goal of launching the most liquid, fully on-chain perpetual futures platform in DeFi. Much progress has been made and numerous lessons learned, culminating in a Kwenta testnet competition held in October. Overall, the testnet competition was … Read more

Debt Pool Synthesis

Before jumping in a quick reminder on some of the naming conventions used in this post. V2x refers to the remaining scope to be delivered in the current Synthetix protocolV3 refers to the redesigned contract architecture to be deployed next yearV3GM refers to the new generalised governance module developed by SynthetixDebt Pool Synthesis refers to … Read more

The Menkalinan Release

Later today (November 23, ~1800:00 UTC), the Menkalinan release is expected to take place. During this period, there will be no downtime on L1 or L2. Here’s what’s included in this release: SIP-167 – L2 Bridged Governance: This SIP creates a bridge to connect L2 contracts to an L1 Gnosis Safe. The bridge will allow … Read more