Oh My xDai! How to Unlock New Incentives with Sushi on xDai, Tutorial

Sushi Jul 22 · 6 min read Sushi has deployed on several chains now, and we are very much excited to heat things up even more this summer by including support for xDai. To incentivize usage, an additional $2M in liquidity will be provided for select trading pairs!! Detailed instructions follow. If you are familiar … Read more

Introducing, The Sushi Next Generation AMM: Trident

Sushi Jul 20 · 11 min read There have been many speculations on what our well-kept 7/20 secret announcement was going to be, and we’re happy to say that most of you were close, but no cigar! We are glad that we were able to surprise most of you with this exciting news, and are … Read more

Harvest is now on Polygon

We are excited to announce that Harvest is now on Polygon accompanied by the launch of vaults on Quickswap & Sushi! Starting today, our farmers can deploy their assets on three new vaults that leverage the following pools: ETH-USDT @ Quickswap USDC-ETH @ Sushiswap IFARM-QUICK @ Quickswap The details of Quickswap Vaults: Auto harvested $QUICK $miFARM … Read more

Inside The Chef’s Jacket with Gasper-San: Bento-Powered, But Gas-less?!

ayoki Jul 16 · 10 min read What is your role at Sushi? If you could be more specific about what kind of daily tasks you have to do and what bigger projects you’re working on. Sure, so my title at Sushi is Core Developer and I am a part of the Solidity team — … Read more

Arbitrum Attracts Big DeFi Projects With Easy Layer 2 Solution

Arbitrum is a relatively new solution to Ethereum but has quickly gained popularity with multiple projects onboarding to its platforms. Sponsored Sponsored Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum network. It launched in May 2021 by its creators OffChain Labs. The project is the first true Layer 2 with the Ethereum Virtual Machine … Read more

Inside the Chef’s Jacket with Chilli Chelli-san: Serving Sushi’s UI Ice Cold

ayoki Jul 9 · 10 min read What is your role, at Sushi? Please give a couple of details about your daily tasks and some of the larger projects that you’re working on. My title is Front End Developer. So I’m a developer for the core team, but specifically on the front end side of … Read more

We! Are! Family! Use Sushi on Harmony: A Harmony Bridge Tutorial

Sushi Jul 5 · 4 min read Last week we announced the full-stack partnership with Harmony, including the $4M in incentives for liquidity mining and Kashi lending. Not to mention, the $1M in Hackathon incentives which will focus on onboarding software engineers from traditional finance to DeFi. Today, we will show you how to participate … Read more

Defi Deep Dive — SushiSwap, Has the Disciple Surpassed Its Master?

SushiSwap emerged very controversially as a fork of Uniswap. About half a year later, the project stands as one of the top 10 DeFi protocols and the second-best decentralized exchange in the Ethereum network, competing head-to-head with its big brother. Sponsored Sponsored SushiSwap is a platform that incorporates different DeFi tools. It originally launched as … Read more