Reef Launches Reefscan v2

Derek E. Silva · Follow Feb 25 · 3 min read Every blockchain needs at least one, great block explorer that provides a series of utilities for its end users whether those are traders, developers, NFT collectors, or DeFi protocol participants. Reefscan is the most advanced, fully open-source block explorer. It was built from the … Read more

Reef.js Extension Now Available for Firefox

Derek E. Silva Nov 24 · 2 min read Building on the Substrate and Polkadot community’s efforts, Reef is happy to announce that the Reef.js browser extension is now available for Firefox! Visit Mozilla’s Add-Ons store to download Reef.js today. This browser extension release marks another step towards Reef’s independence, relying less and less on … Read more Integrates Reef Chain

Derek E. Silva Nov 22 · 2 min read, a top 20 exchange in volume and reputation, has integrated Reef Chain for deposits and withdrawals. Over its 8 year history, serving millions of users across the world, and processing over $4 billion in trades each day, has made a point of continuing to … Read more

New Reef Finance Website Now Live at

Derek E. Silva Nov 12 · 2 min read Earlier this year, Reef Finance made the pivotal decision to change it’s primary goal: instead of being a decentralized finance (DeFi) focused parachain on Polkadot, Reef would launch its own layer 1, Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible blockchain. This had the immediate impact changing Reef’s trajectory … Read more

Reef Finance CEO Denko Mancheski joins Community for Fireside Chat

Derek E. Silva Nov 4 · 11 min read On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Reef Finance CEO Denko Mancheski sat down with Community Manager Derek E. Silva to talk about the past quarter, answer Derek’s questions, and answer a variety of questions from the community! After exchanging pleasantries, Denko began the Fireside Chat by recapping … Read more

Reef v8 Activated on Mainnet

Derek E. Silva Nov 2 · 1 min read 🐠 Reef v8 has been activated on mainnet at block 1408888! 🎉 Reef v8 represents the most significant blockchain upgrade since the Reef mainnet first launched on May 28, 2021. 💪 Reef v8 brings the following improvements: Upgrade from Polkadot Substrate 3 to Substrate 4 🚀 … Read more

Escrow Service ethbox Launched on Reef Chain

Derek E. Silva Nov 2 · 2 min read Reef Finance, the builders of the Ethereum VM-compatible smart contract blockchain called Reef Chain, are proud to announce that ethbox, the leading on-chain escrow platform, has launched on Reef Chain! This integration makes it possible for Reef Chain users to take advantage of this amazing escrow … Read more

REEF is Now Listed on KuCoin

Derek E. Silva Oct 18 · 2 min read The Ethereum ERC-20 and Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 formats of REEF are now listed on KuCoin, an exchange that serves more than 8 million registered users all over the globe. KuCoin makes more than 470 digital assets available across 900+ trading pairs, and is a Top … Read more

How to bond your REEF and nominate a Reef Chain validator using Klever Wallet

Derek E. Silva Sep 20 · 14 min read Klever launched liquidity bridges for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Reef Chain, launched the first external Reef Chain validator, enabled withdrawals to Reef Chain, and the option to stake REEF immediately alongside Reef’s mainnet launch! This guide will show you how to transfer Reef tokens over … Read more

DotMarketCap Launches, Featuring Reef Chain and Polkadot Ecosystem News

Derek E. Silva Sep 1 · 2 min read DotMarketCap, a website focused on projects surrounding the Polkadot ecosystem, recently launched v2.0, giving Polkadot users information on their favorite Polkadot and Substrate-based projects, including Reef Finance’s Reef Chain. DotMarketCap allows users with Polkadot/Substrate wallets to connect to the dApp to track their portfolio, and view … Read more