Step Update #9 — Step 2.0

Step Finance Jun 21 · 3 min read New Look Dashboard! Today we are introducing an app-wide refresh with our new UI we are calling Step 2.0. You’ll notice many areas of the app have been improved, consolidated and standardised on desktop and mobile breakpoints as we prep for the second half of this year … Read more

Step Lending Strategies

Step Finance · Follow Feb 21 · 3 min read Step Pool on Solend! We recently posted a series of tweets about the potential strategies one could use when using the new STEP/xSTEP Solend pool. These strategies all have forms of risk with some more risk than others yet its worth considering as a part … Read more

Step Update #6

Step Finance · Follow Feb 18 · 3 min read New Look Step. #SteppingUp new landing page Today we are excited to be launching an updated landing page to to better facilitate the onboarding of the next billion users into Solana. Some of the new features launching today are: Updated landing page designs, this … Read more

Step Q1 Roadmap Overview

Step Finance Just now·4 min read xSTEP will gain increased utility A new year is upon us and the team at Step is back at it with a general action plan for Q1. We have decided on some general high level goals for Q1 which will inform the tasks and features that get built and … Read more

What If….Call Options as Rewards

Step Finance Just now·3 min read A Stepper Exercising Reward Options Aaaaaannnd now for the preview of the next major feature from Step. Something genuinely new but with inspiration from Andre’s post months ago on how it could be achieved with a Step themed twist. As announced previously, Step no longer emits tokens for LPs, … Read more

Step Update #5

Step Finance Just now·3 min read Step it Up Its about that time again for another update on Step and all the happenings over the last month, lets get into it! Permissionless Farms Going Well We recently launched staked Step (xSTEP) and Permissionless Farm creation whereby any project or team can create their own yield … Read more