Announcing WPools

Summer’s almost here and it’s getting pretty hot, especially with that daily token burn we do… So what better way to cool off than to jump in a nice refreshing pool? A WPool that is! WPool We’re announcing the launch of our new WPools, which will offer token rewards from partner projects exclusively to single-asset WEX stakers. … Read more

Announcing 100% of WSwap trading fees going to buyback and burn of WEX

Some protocols just want to watch their tokens burn… Some protocols just want to save the people in their city… At Wault, we want to do both. To be specific, we’re making 100% of WSwap’s trading fees accrue to WEX holders. How? We’re going to use them to buyback WEX tokens and then burn them, all of … Read more

Announcing Another LaunchPad Presale —!

Announcing Another LaunchPad Presale —! Although we only just announced the presale for Holder.Finance last week, we’re already announcing another presale even before that one has started, and just like Holder, Investin is also a project with great potential! Introducing Investin Investin is an onramp for traditional finance participants to get into the world of DeFi. … Read more

Announcing Wault Finance x Eleven Finance Partnership!

It’s only been a day but the launches of WSwap and its token WEX have shown incredible momentum. With more than 40M in the new farms and the WEX token going 22x from listing price, all you users have shown us just how much you love farming! Well, we hope you’ve still got the energy … Read more

Announcing LaunchPad’s Third Presale — Holder Finance!

Announcing LaunchPad’s Third Presale — Holder Finance! There’s a lot going on at Wault: a migration to a cleaner token WAULTX, the launch of our new AMM WSwap with its representative token WEX, and now, we’re finally announcing it — our third presale! Say hello, to Holder Finance! Introducing Holder Finance Holder is a secure & innovative platform that connects the primary … Read more

Updates to Wault Pools and LaunchPad Tiers

Besides the upcoming WSwap airdrop, the rest of the Wault train has also not stopped, as we work on our third upcoming presale. With the new AMM WSwap joining our platform though, we’ll be implementing changes to both pool rewards and the LaunchPad tiers, making room for WsW in our ecosystem. Changes to Wault’s Pools We’ll … Read more

Announcing Wault’s Next Product — WSwap!

Announcing Wault’s Next Product — WSwap! Although it’s only been 1.5 months since Wault Finance has launched, we’ve been moving at breakneck speed along the trajectory of our roadmap. You can see this when reviewing some of Wault’s recent achievements: • Building the Locker and locking up millions of USD in funds • Deploying Vaults integrating profitable strategies … Read more

Euler Presale Details

Wault Launchpad’s second presale is coming soon. Below, we’ll outline what you need to know about Euler.Tools and the presale process in order to gain access to this exclusive offer. Presale Procedure The whitelisting application form is online and will remain open for the next 72 hours, until 3PM UTC on Friday, April 2nd, 2021. -> … Read more

Announcing LaunchPad’s Second Presale — Euler.Tools!

Announcing LaunchPad’s Second Presale — Euler.Tools! Coming off the back of a monumental presale for that went over 30x, it hasn’t even been a month but we’re already bringing you something new, and we’re just as excited for this one. Let us introduce you to — Euler.Tools! Introducing Euler Euler Tools is a clean, simple, and intelligent UI … Read more

LaunchPad’s New Tiers and Creating Additional Token Value

On the back of a very successful first presale for on the LaunchPad, even more quality projects have been applying to launch with us. As a result, we at Wault have looked over the entire LaunchPad process, and tried to think of how we could make the next presale even better. The first thing we … Read more