Classics Yield Farming with High APRs and Characters for staking.

Gravis.Finance Just now·4 min read On 14 October 2021 Gravis Finance will launch classic Yield Farming Pools, Staking, Big GRVS (Gravis Finance Governance token) airdrop and presenting new characters. How it works: Go to the Farms page 2. Choose a Pool you want to join 3. Click the Approve button and approve the transaction … Read more

RAMP x Binance | AMA Recap

RAMP DEFI Jun 25 · 10 min read It’s been awhile since we had an external AMA! On 24 June, 2021, Lawrence Lim, the Project Lead, and ZR, the Operations Lead joined the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance with their community of over 165,000 active users. We’d like to thank Binance for having us. We … Read more

Bird.Money Farming And Staking Set To Continue on Samurai

The introduction of staking and farming of the BIRD token on our partner CyberFi’s Samurai Stakepad platform has come with tremendous success and support from our community. Let’s keep the party going a while longer! Staking and farming are two of the quintessential mechanisms for any cryptocurrency project to deliver to its community and with Bird … Read more

$PLE Staking Contract Full Security Audit: PASSED

Callum Mitchell-Clark May 3 · 2 min read Plethori have now received the full security audit report for their Staking platform’s smart contract. As with the PLE token contract, this was carried out by cybersecurity industry leaders — Solidity Finance. Plethori’s Staking platform will offer $PLE holders the ability to earn a passive income in … Read more

Pool 3 ends and DAO governance rewards begins.

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | LaunchDAO | Discord As we are getting ready to launch the BarnBridge DAO we wanted to clear up a couple things before this all launches. If you have any questions about what the parameters are or how the voting works on the DAO please check out our first document HERE. … Read more