The Balancing Act

Greed is Good… Authored by the Liquidity Wizard Pair Reactors This week marks a seminal moment for Tokemak, with the launch of Pair Reactors. Pair Reactors provide the “other side” of the liquidity generated by Tokemak that gets paired with the assets from Token Reactors — for example the ETH or DAI pair asset is used to construct … Read more

The Final Phase Before Liquidity Deployment: Pair Reactors and Exchange Voting

The Final Phase Before Liquidity Deployment Tokemak is rapidly approaching active liquidity deployment, targeting launch in January. To prepare for this final phase, we’re aggressively expanding and evolving our Genesis Pools into Pair Reactors which will accommodate deposits for a significant amount of DeFi-native stablecoins. Ultimately, the Pair Reactors will provide TOKE holders the power … Read more

Terra Delegation Program 2022 Round 1: Applications

The Terra Delegation Program (TDP) is back! There are only 5 qualifications this round: 1. Have a complete Validator Profile:Example of a perfect pull request Here.Example of a perfect finished profile Here. 2. Commission at or below 10%: at all snapshots. 3. Bombay Testnet must be active: at all snapshots. 4. Provide Seed Node Address: for Testnet and … Read more

Balancer Doubles LP Revenue Using Gauntlet

Balancer Protocol Doubles Liquidity Provider Revenue Using Gauntlet How Gauntlet Helps Manage Stable Pool Amplification Factors and Swap Fees and Increases Capital Efficiency Automated Market Makers like Balancer, Uniswap, and Curve are wildly innovative technologies that form a cornerstone of all activity on DeFi, with billions of dollars being traded every day. But without swap fees, those … Read more

WUSD Incident Recap and Solution

On August 4th, 2021, at 1:49:05 AM UTC, an attack took place on WUSD’s pegging mechanism. You can review the detailed step-by-step of the attack in this article by Inspex. Upon learning of the attack, the Wault team quickly turned off WUSD minting on the UI, and worked with three audit firms to deduce the nature … Read more

Reef Finance announces Samecoin is coming to Reef Chain

Derek E. Silva Aug 3 · 3 min read Reef Finance and Samecoin are announcing today the first stablecoin to come to the Reef Chain ecosystem! Samecoin’s addition to the Reef Chain ecosystem makes it the first stablecoin on the blockchain. Samecoin is a decentralized stablecoin protocol that allows the average person or business owner … Read more

SMART Yield Now Supports RAI, sUSD, and USDT

BarnBridge’s SMART Yield application allows you to receive either fixed or levered variable exposure to underlying lending markets across DeFi. Today, we’re expanding that functionality to the following markets: Reflexer Finance’s RAI on Aave Synthetix’s sUSD on Aave Tether on Compound Note, this comes on the eve of existing junior tranche rewards lapsing for Aave and C.R.E.A.M. Finance … Read more

Reef Finance and OpenDAO Announce REEF now Integrated as Collateral for USDO

Reef Finance and OpenDAO are thrilled to share that REEF token is now approved as collateral for minting USDO stablecoins on Binance Smart Chain! Reef Finance has developed a fast, scalable, and EVM-compatible chain for DeFi applications, Reef Chain. Reef Chain is currently in the canary version of the mainnet and the official mainnet is due … Read more

1inch Network and ICHI partner to create a new stablecoin

ICHI’s Decentralized Monetary Authority (DMA) protocol enables the creation of one1INCH, an in-house stablecoin for easier payments and more lucrative rewards. The 1inch Network is happy to collaborate with ICHI, a protocol for creating the world’s first Decentralized Monetary Authorities (DMAs), in launching a new in-house stablecoin for the 1inch community — one1INCH. This stablecoin will provide … Read more

Mercurial Finance Launching on AcceleRaytor

Building Dynamic Vaults for Stable Assets We’re excited to announce that on May 19, Mercurial Finance will be launching on AcceleRaytor! Mercurial is building dynamic market making vaults, providing low slippage swaps for stables, while also improving liquidity pool profits with dynamic fees and flexible capital allocation. This article will cover the two parts of an … Read more