User Guide to Adding Liquidity to rUSD/3NRV Pool on Nerve Finance

Step 1: Visit and connect wallet to BSC: Step 2: Go to pools section and select rUSD/3pool to add liquidity. Step 3: Select stablecoin to deposit. You may add single or multi-side assets. Note that adding stablecoins that have a lower composition within the pool will give users extra bonuses on pricing when adding liquidity. … Read more

Nerve x RAMP Metapool Launch | Swap rUSD Effortlessly with Fiat-Backed Stablecoins

We are excited to share that Nerve and RAMP have collaboratively launched a rUSD Metapool to facilitate stablecoin swaps with low slippages. 1) Partnership Key Points RAMP allows users to over-collateralize supported assets such as RAMP tokens, Pancake LP tokens and other tokens on its platform into rUSD, a stablecoin. Nerve Finance is a stable swap … Read more

RAMP Partner Series | Utilization of rUSD for Leveraged Staking on KIRA Network

We are please to share that RAMP is working with KIRA Network to roll out a Proof of Concept for Leveraged Staking. This is the process by which DeFi users can simultaneously stake assets across multiple chains at the same time, which enables them to obtain multiple yields without exposure to market volatility or otherwise … Read more

User Guide to Minting rUSD and Becoming A Liquidity Provider for Multiple Yield Streams

rUSD (BEP20) Token Address 0x07663837218A003e66310a01596af4bf4e44623D Decimals: 18 For more information on rUSD, please read more here. (A) Using rUSD Minter Step 1: Visit and connect wallet to BSC: Step 2: Minter has been activated for all BSC vaults. Stake assets into BSC vaults as collateral to mint rUSD while earning yield. If you have existing staked assets in … Read more

rUSD Minter and rUSD-BUSD Vault Now Live. Join Us As A Liquidity Provider Today!

We are excited to share that the rUSD Minter for Binance Smart Chain is now live! Users can mint rUSD against the supported assets in RAMP V2 app: rUSD Token Address: 0x07663837218A003e66310a01596af4bf4e44623D rUSD-BUSD FLIP LP Token Address:0x59fac9e98479fc9979ae2a0c7422af50bcbb9b26 We hope RAMP users and our community can be the first to start minting rUSD and becoming liquidity … Read more

RAMP Partners Series | Collaboration with Blind Boxes NFT Platform

With the launch of rUSD imminent in April, the RAMP team is happy to share that we will run a partnership series on our partners who are integrating with rUSD and the RAMP protocol. The adoption of rUSD across various platforms and protocols will increase its utility, reduce borrowing costs on RAMP users, and create … Read more