Reef Card is coming March 2022!

Derek E. Silva Mar 15 · 5 min read Disclaimer: This article is an update on our Reef MasterCard (Reef Card) and shares with you about the latest information and updates. Below we describe the current state of Reef Card, it’s features and benefits. This article will be updated with new information including any news … Read more

Reef NFT Contest: Be The First To Get Minted on Reef

Derek E. Silva Mar 4 · 4 min read While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) appear to be taking the world by storm, there are still many artists who are unaware of how the technology works, have read information about harmful environmental impacts due to Proof of Work mining, believe an NFT is too expensive and too … Read more

How to Bond Your REEF and Nominate a Reef Chain Validator Using The Reef.js Browser Extension

Derek E. Silva · Follow Mar 3 · 14 min read Following on from our previous instructions on how to bond and nominate validators on Reef Chain using the self-custodial Klever Wallet smartphone app, the Reef team would like to introduce you to a more advanced way to NPoS on Reef Chain using Reef’s very … Read more

Reef at ETHDenver Recap

Derek E. Silva · Follow Mar 2 · 6 min read ETHDenver has now come and gone. Now that the team has had some time to think about what we did, who we spoke to, and begin following up with new connections, we also wanted to lay out for the Reef community all that went … Read more

Introducing Reef Community Staking Bond

Derek E. Silva · Follow Feb 28 · 7 min read February has been very busy for the Reef team. We worked with some amazing artists to put together the first ever Reef Metawall, spent over a week in Denver educating people about Reef and why deploying your dApp on Reef is so compelling, issued … Read more

Reef Launches Reefscan v2

Derek E. Silva · Follow Feb 25 · 3 min read Every blockchain needs at least one, great block explorer that provides a series of utilities for its end users whether those are traders, developers, NFT collectors, or DeFi protocol participants. Reefscan is the most advanced, fully open-source block explorer. It was built from the … Read more

Reef Grant Fund Allocates Over $200K to Wave 1 of Grantees

Derek E. Silva · Follow Feb 21 · 3 min read A special message from Reef CEO Denko Mancheski: “2021 was a year of change and evolution at Reef. Pivoting from a DeFi operating system to a high throughput layer 1 blockchain, one that supports multiple virtual machines and offers developers the premiere destination for … Read more