PERA Partners with QuickSwap to expand further into Polygon Network

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read This week keeps on getting better and better, as you might already know PERA Finance is now able to provide its users with Anyswap’s bridging function between blockchains. Meaning, PERA is now available for swap in the Polygon Network and will be fully compatible with Polygon Network projects. Today, … Read more

Beefy x Quickswap AMA — Recap

Beefy x Quickswap AMA — Recap This is a recap from the AMA that Beefy hosted on Beefy’s Telegram group the 03 June. QuickSwap’s devs and marketing team answered some questions from Beefy’s team and users. Thank you Sameep and Dave for taking the time to chat with Mooncow. At the AMA 15 people from the Cowmoonity got rewarded … Read more

Beefy Finance x QuickSwap Giveaway and AMA

A little bit of Beef to celebrate our progress on Polygon In less than one week from announcing our partnerships on Polygon, the Beefy Finance users are auto-compounding more than $100,000,000 of assets in the Beefy Polygon vaults. To support this influx of new Beefy users we have now added our Beefy ZAP feature to the QuickSwap, … Read more

ZAP! One-Click Beefy Vault Investing on Polygon

The “Beefy Zapper” is going places Our Zapper — or ZAP, for short — lets you create liquidity pool tokens and make Beefy vault deposits with just one transaction. You can invest with a couple of clicks, directly on, without having to leave the platform. With this new ZAP feature, if you want to go into the $BIFI-$ETH LP … Read more