Injective Canonical Chain Mainnet Release

The Injective Canonical Chain Mainnet is live! The mainnet upgrade marks the beginning of a new chapter for the entire Injective community as the Canonical Chain ushers in a new era of decentralized finance. The Canonical Chain brings unrestricted transfers and trading on the mainnet alongside robust token economics, seamless interoperability, novel products and the … Read more

Injective IBC Bridge Launch

The IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol has been enabled on Injective making the IBC Bridge officially live! The IBC-enabled Injective Bridge will be the final addition to the Canary Chain. The community will now begin prepping the protocol for the Canonical Chain upgrade that will truly unleash everything that is possible on Injective. Injective governance proposal … Read more

Injective Pro Launch

Today marks a watershed moment in the history of Injective as an entirely upgraded Injective Pro relayer is launched. The release involves a diverse array of major UI and backend changes that lead to the most powerful trading experience in a truly decentralized environment. Injective Pro: Link Background on the Injective Pro Relayer The first … Read more

Injective Explorer Release

The new Injective Explorer has launched! The Injective Explorer is an analytics platform that enables anyone to search addresses, trades, tokens, transactions, and other activities on the Injective Chain. Users can now view detailed information regarding every single action that occurs on-chain, enabling a higher degree of overall transparency for everyone. Injective Explorer: Link The … Read more

Equinox Staking Rewards Distribution

Over $1 Million worth of INJ will be distributed to Injective Equinox participants  this week! Thousands of Injective community members came together during the Equinox Staking Testnet phase to provide valuable feedback that helped to vastly improve the protocol itself. This is also the time during which Injective’s staking, governance, and insurance fund parameters were … Read more

Injective Public API Launch

The Injective Public API has now been released! With the new Injective API, institutions, professional liquidity providers, algorithmic traders, and individuals alike can permissionlessly run all components of the backend infrastructure. In turn, this enables anyone to obtain market data and place trades on the entirely decentralized Injective orderbook. The API was created after a … Read more

Trading Rebates are Live on Injective: Trade, Earn, Repeat

You can now start earning rewards for trading on Injective! This week, the Injective community voted to pass proposal #58 which introduced a maker fee rebates for the Axie Infinity spot market. Now, anyone who helps provide order liquidity for AXS on Injective will earn the highest maker fee rebates in the entire crypto industry. … Read more

INJ-ETH Bridge Release: Seamless Cross-Chain Interoperability

The Injective Bridge is now live on the Injective Hub! You can now bridge any ERC20 token to the Injective Chain using the secure cross-chain Peggy Bridge. The Peggy bridge enables lightning fast transfers and is one of the cheapest solutions on the market today (average transaction cost of ~$0.02 when transacting on the Injective … Read more

Injective Hub Guide

Ready to stake your INJ? Interested in voting for new Injective governance proposals? The Injective Hub Guide will walk you through all the major details you need to get started! Accessing the Hub Connect to on your browser. You will land on the Dashboard section and will be presented with an overview of the … Read more