This Week in DeFi – September 10

To the DeFi community, This week, Harmony unveiled a $300 million fund to support development of startups working in the Harmony ecosystem, with specific funding for DAOs, bug bounties, hackathons, partnerships, and more. The fund will plan to pay out more than $180 million in its first year, with the full amount to be disbursed … Read more


We’ve updated the ApeSwap Homepage 🧑‍💻 Without further ado, welcome home Apes! 🏡🌴 Now you can find the latest and greatest about ApeSwap in the same place that you stake in farms, pools, and vaults with the addition of the #WenNewsSer announcement column! 📰 We also have a brand new homepage banner, and ‘Hot Farms’ + ‘Cool … Read more

Announcing Polygon WPool #5: Timeleap!

We’re excited to announce a new WPool on Wault Polygon! With this new partnership, you’ll be able to stake WEXpoly for 50 000 USD in TIME token rewards which will be distributed over 7 weeks. WPool: A new TIME-WUSD WFarm will also open with bonus WEXpoly rewards for farmers. WFarm: This makes the 5th WPool we’ve … Read more

August Round-Up

#HotDeFiSummer Concludes 😎 It’s been another crazy month in the Jungle! From the IAO 007 with Dragonary to the launch of our Auto Compounding Burning Vaults, we could never have predicted a better end to ApeSwap’s #HotDeFiSummer. Full August recap and links below! The Final Month Dragonary IAO 007 — We started off the month with an absolute bang … Read more

WUSD Is Coming to Polygon!

This Thursday, 9/2 at 3PM UTC, we’ll be launching WUSD minting+redeeming on Polygon! Slightly different from BSC, on Polygon you will mint WUSD using USDC as collateral. The same 90% collateralization ratio will hold steady, along with WUSD’s other stability mechanisms which you can read about here. The featured rewards pool will also be WUSD-USDC, which will … Read more

Eleven Finance and Iron Finance — A partnership.

Eleven Finance and Iron Finance — A partnership. Two separate platforms harnessing the power of the interoperability of DeFi to do great things for users. The Polygon DeFi ecosystem is a vibrant and fast moving space that has seen the key platforms build out, gain popularity and emerge as key players. Two of these are Iron Finance and Eleven Finance. … Read more

This Week in DeFi – August 20

To the DeFi community, This week, Balancer introduced the Balancer Grants DAO, a community-driven DAO with the power to grant between $1,000 and $75,000 to projects committed to helping Balancer become the leading DeFi protocol for programmable liquidity. The initial round of grants will be disburse 20,000 BAL tokens over the next three months. Follow … Read more

New Vaults (SushiSwap, JetSwap, PolyQuity Polygon)

Brace yourselves, Autofarmers! Autofarm is rolling out 19 new Polygon vaults from the likes of SushiSwap, JetSwap and PolyQuity! Vaults are now live on Autofarm and auto-compounding assets to maximise yield at the lowest rates. Polygon, the Ethereum scaling solution, has been growing rapidly owing to its promise of faster transactions at the fraction of Ethereum … Read more

Gravis Captains NFT ETH — > BSC Migration

Gravis.Finance 2 days ago·2 min read Gravis Captains NFT ETH — > BSC Migration Originally, Gravis Finance (A)steroid Mining Captains NFT Collection was deployed to three networks: Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. Total number of cards across all supported networks was 950. The sale started almost in time with the Ethereum’s London fork. The Ethereum update … Read more