Reef.js Extension Now Available for Firefox

Derek E. Silva Nov 24 · 2 min read Building on the Substrate and Polkadot community’s efforts, Reef is happy to announce that the Reef.js browser extension is now available for Firefox! Visit Mozilla’s Add-Ons store to download Reef.js today. This browser extension release marks another step towards Reef’s independence, relying less and less on … Read more

Acala DeFi Hub Wins First Polkadot Parachain Slot

The inaugural Polkadot parachain auction has come to a close. The race was close but Acala DeFi Hub is the winner of this first slot. Sponsored Sponsored Acala has taken the first Polkadot parachain slot, edging out Moonbeam which came in as a close runner-up. The auction ended on November 18. Acala took the prize … Read more

This Week in DeFi – November 12

To the DeFi community, This week, Solana-based DEX Raydium announced a partnership with liquidity aggregator Serum to kickstart cross chain transactions with liquidity mining rewards. ERC20 tokens for popular protocols including dYdX, Uniswap, And Axie Infinity will get new incentivized trading pools over the coming weeks, with assets bridged using Wormhole.   Wrapped token … Read more

Moonbeam x Sushi: Everything You Need to Know

me9 LastName Nov 5 · 5 min read As many of you know, Sushi and Moonbeam have created a cross chain integration and a joint liquidity mining program for Sushi on Moonriver. These very exciting details were released last week in two Medium articles that outlined the specifics of how to bridge and use Sushi … Read more

Autofarm Integrates with Moonriver and Introduces New Solarbeam Vaults!

Autofarm x Moonriver Moonriver is officially joining the Autofarm ecosystem as its sixth blockchain! Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible parachain on Kusama, which houses a scalable network of blockchains that provide an experimental development environment for the Polkadot ecosystem. Led by the community, Moonriver enables developers to build, experiment, and implement multi-chain Solidity dApp innovations on … Read more

Moonriver Bolsters its Ecosystem Scalability through Band Protocol Integration

Moonriver, the Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract parachain on Kusama with over 230M TVL, has completed the integration with Band Protocol to bring decentralized and scalable oracle infrastructure to its ecosystem. This is an important milestone to Band Protocol’s collaboration with both Moonriver and Moonbeam which is Moonriver’s companion network on Polkadot. It also marks the first of … Read more

Reef Finance Quarterly Review — Q3 2021

Derek E. Silva Oct 5 · 9 min read We are now three quarters of the way through 2021! As we continue our work at Reef Finance towards Making DeFi Easy, the third quarter of 2021 gave the team some time to breathe after the mainnet launch, but that meant others needed to double their … Read more

Everything you need to know to earn with Kusama and Polkadot Parachain bonds

Franciska Kovacs Sep 21 · 3 min read We launched Parachain Bonds — an innovative DeFi instrument that helps individual users participate in Kusama and Polkadot Slot Auctions and make profits in the process. We keep getting a lot of interest in this product — and a lot of questions! — so we prepared this … Read more

Escrow Service ethbox Launching on Reef Finance’s Reef Chain

Derek E. Silva Sep 8 · 3 min read Reef Finance, the builders of the Ethereum VM-compatible smart contract blockchain called Reef Chain, announced an upcoming integration with ethbox, an on-chain escrow platform that prevents lost funds due to setting an incorrect recipient address! Instead, ethbox users set up a transaction, insert the recipient’s address, … Read more

DotMarketCap Launches, Featuring Reef Chain and Polkadot Ecosystem News

Derek E. Silva Sep 1 · 2 min read DotMarketCap, a website focused on projects surrounding the Polkadot ecosystem, recently launched v2.0, giving Polkadot users information on their favorite Polkadot and Substrate-based projects, including Reef Finance’s Reef Chain. DotMarketCap allows users with Polkadot/Substrate wallets to connect to the dApp to track their portfolio, and view … Read more