Sourcing Chainlink price data for more reliable payment collateralization

Announcing Flexa’s adoption of Chainlink Price Feeds, to make digital asset payments even more trustworthy and secure. Flexa is delighted to announce an integration with Chainlink — the market-leading decentralized oracle provider — in order to further improve the reliability and consistency of collateralization for all transactions on its global, pure-digital payments network. Starting today, Flexa Capacity will begin sourcing exchange … Read more

Flexa’s 2020 in review

Looking back on progress in digital currency acceptance and the payments ecosystem through an unprecedented, eventful year. In advance of what is bound to be an eventful 2021, the Flexa team recently took time to reflect on what happened across the network throughout 2020. And while it remains to be seen how much of the upcoming … Read more

Help celebrate Zcash’s 4th birthday!

Flexa and Electric Coin Co. are giving away a special ZEC treat When we added support for ZEC payments on Flexa late last summer, we weren’t sure what kind of adoption to expect given Zcash’s special focus on privacy and self-sovereignty. But in the year since, we’ve been delighted to see ZEC become our 5th most … Read more

Flexa Capacity is migrating to Amp

Announcing the most fundamental upgrade to Flexa since the release of the Flexa payments network itself At Flexa, our mission is to make payments more efficient and accessible for people all over the world. To accomplish this, we work to build technology that makes any asset spendable in any app at any store. And as a … Read more

One year of pure-digital payments

What we’ve learned in the 364 days since we launched the Flexa network—and our plans for the road ahead. When we first started down the path to build Flexa—a new payments network unlocking the power of digital currencies for merchants large and small—we knew that we had our work cut out for us. At the time, we … Read more

Enabling the next wave of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption

Enabling the next wave of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption at NRF 2020 Flexa, Gemini, and NCR integrate to demonstrate innovative cryptocurrency purchase and payment solutions for retailers. NCR’s booth at the NRF 2020 Retail Conference and Expo, one of the largest on the show floor. This week at the National Retail Federation’s 2020 Show and Expo—the world’s largest … Read more

Flexa network rewards are now live

Kicking off the initial reward distribution of 1 billion FXC and sharing updates to the Flexa Capacity dApp. As of 3pm ET, the latest version of the Flexa Capacity dApp is live on mainnet. This update features support for Flexa network rewards and FXC withdrawals, and includes minor improvements to the dApp user interface. We’ve been … Read more

Announcing Flexa Capacity

Everything you need to know about Flexa network collateralization and the Flexa Capacity smart contracts It’s been an eventful past few months for the Flexa team! Since our last update in August, we’ve been meeting with merchant partners, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and project teams around the world. You may have seen Flexa at Devcon 5, Money20/20, … Read more