Omm Finance Partners With Band Protocol For Mainnet Launch of Open Money Market

Omm Finance, a cross-chain open money market where anyone can lend and borrow assets, and also backed by top tier funds such as Hashed, CMS Holdings, and FBG Capital, has partnered with Band Protocol for secure and decentralized price oracles upon launch on the Mainnet. Last week, Omm Finance announced the list of strategic partners that … Read more

Injective's RSS Feed is Now Integrated with

Injective news and updates can now be accessed by millions of users on This was achieved through our RSS feed integration with This announcement follows the listing of INJ on As a major player in the cryptocurrency industry,’s listing makes it easy for users to trade INJ tokens at true cost … Read more

Injective Partners with Lithium Finance to Launch Decentralized Pre-IPO Stock Derivatives

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Lithium Finance to launch decentralized Pre-IPO stock derivatives. Our mission at Injective is to build an entirely decentralized ecosystem via which users can access any financial market of their choice. The collaboration with Lithium will focus on creating new markets for Pre-IPO stock derivatives on … Read more

The Venture Arm of One of the Largest Commercial Banks in Southeast Asia Becomes the Latest Injective Validator

We are thrilled to announce that SCB 10X, the digital technology investment arm of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB​), is joining Injective as our latest validator. SCB is one of the largest commercial banks in Southeast Asia and will be an invaluable addition to our leading cohort of validators that have joined our mainnet with a … Read more

Mirror Protocol V2 Launches on Mainnet With Expanded Band Protocol Price Oracle Integrations

Mirror Protocol has been live for six months with the integration of Band Protocol price oracles from the very beginning. Since then, Mirror has become one of the leading DeFi protocols with over $2B+ in TVL and $1B+ in liquidity secured by Band Oracles. With the help of Band Protocol, Mirror has also expanded by … Read more

Injective is Collaborating with Formation Fi to Create Risk Optimized Yield Farming Derivatives

Injective will be collaborating with Formation Fi to create multi-chain risk optimized yield farming derivatives. The integration will focus on creating risk-adjusted yield farming derivatives that will allow a greater number of users to access DeFi yield opportunities with ease. Yield Farming Derivatives: A Recap Last year, Injective launched the world’s first yield farming derivatives … Read more

Reef Finance partners with multi-chain options trading platform Oddz Finance to bring a new range…

Reef Finance partners with multi-chain options trading platform Oddz Finance to bring a new range of DeFi trading options to Reef users. Oddz Finance is a multi-chain option trading platform built on Binance Smart Chain. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies over major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, Elrond, and BSC. Through their in-built Oracle solution … Read more

Coin98 Wallet Expands Integration of Band Protocol Oracles To Create More Transparent and Better…

Coin98 Wallet Expands Integration of Band Protocol Oracles To Create More Transparent and Better Experiences Over 268,000 Users Coin98 Wallet, a leading decentralized wallet with native DeFi applications support, expands the integration of Band Protocol price oracles for digital assets in various foreign exchange denominations such as USD, JPY, VND, CNY and more! In the upcoming … Read more

Injective is Integrating with Stacks to Enable Fully Decentralized Bitcoin Derivatives

We’re integrating with the Stacks blockchain to bring fully decentralized Bitcoin derivatives to Injective. Our goal is to create a vibrant multi-chain ecosystem that is entirely decentralized. On Injective, users have the ability to create and trade unlimited derivatives that originate from distinct blockchain networks. With our Stacks collaboration, Injective will be able to launch … Read more

Injective Collaborates with MDEX to Enable Liquidity Mining for INJ

We are excited to announce a new strategic collaboration with MDEX. This will provide INJ holders with the opportunity to accelerate their earning potential through INJ staking and liquidity mining on MDEX. Currently, users can earn MDX by staking INJ-BUSD LP tokens on MDEX’s BSC network. Background MDEX is a decentralized swap protocol based on … Read more