Why We’re Using Chainlink VRF as a Provably Fair Way to Draw Lottery Winners

PancakeSwap Just now·3 min read Greetings CAKE flippers! Following the recent launch of the PancakeSwap Lottery V2, we’re delighted to announce our mainnet integration of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). In this post, we’ll be diving into our integration of this random number generator (RNG). As the industry’s leading secure and auditable RNG, Chainlink VRF … Read more

Introducing PancakeSwap Farm Auctions. Get Instant Liquidity For Your Token With CAKE!

PancakeSwap Just now·3 min read BSC Projects teams! Have you ever hoped for a quick and simple way to bring volume and liquidity for your token on BSC, while at the same time rewarding your token liquidity providers with sweet CAKE to farm? If yes, then the new PancakeSwap Farm Auction is for you. Learn … Read more

It’s BACK! PancakeSwap Lottery V2 Kicks Off with a Massive $5M+ in CAKE Prizes

PancakeSwap Just now·4 min read PancakeSwap users and CAKE holders alike, today we are super excited to introduce the PancakeSwap Lottery V2! To kick things off, there’s a massive >$5 Million in prizes waiting to be injected over the first week of the new lottery! Back on April 28th, the last CAKE injection to the … Read more

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC)

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC) Autofarm is thrilled to be bringing new PancakeSwap vaults to our platform! Users can now experience the best auto-compounding strategies at the lowest fees to earn the highest yields possible on 7 fresh new PCS v2 vaults. Vaults PancakeSwap (BSC) PancakeSwap is no stranger to Autofarm. As one of the earliest supported … Read more

PancakeSwap June Recap

Is it really Q3 already? Time flies when you’re watching your CAKE stack up… PancakeSwap 10 hours ago·7 min read The crypto markets took a hard hit around the start of the month, but PancakeSwap’s keeping the griddle hot throughout the storm. Let’s take a look at what’s been cooking in the kitchen through June … Read more

PancakeSwap Welcomes Back Suterusu to Syrup Pool!

PancakeSwap Just now·3 min read CAKE holders, today we are thrilled to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from Suterusu, a next-generation privacy protocol that protects users’ transaction information by converting tokens issued on various blockchain networks into their anonymized versions. What is Boost? Boost is basically an increase in farm multiplier … Read more