Qubit Finance Quarterly Roadmap

Bunny Finance Just now·4 min read TL;DR First Network Expansion — OCT 26 More QBT Utilities & Benefits — QBT Collateral, fee sharing mech & DAO, QBT Pots Development of New Unique Features — Crosschain lending, dev APIs Long-term Commitments & Goals — add more tokens, deflationary mech, etc. Dear Qubitians, Even after being nominated … Read more

Announcement: QBT Bonus Rewards

Bunny Finance Just now·2 min read Dear Qubit Fam, As announced prior in our IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTICE, the bonus QBT Rewards for all participants of the Qubit protocol is in effect starting October 5 UTC+0 0500. During this time, liquidity providers (suppliers) and investment takers (borrowers) will receive 50% bonus QBT rewards for 3 weeks. … Read more

Alpaca Finance X Qubit AMA Session Recap

Bunny Finance Just now·9 min read Hello Qubitians, Last week around this time, Alpaca Finance kindly hosted an AMA in the spirit of our partnership where Team Qubit answered some questions alpacas had about our project. Jopaca of Alpaca Finance kindly supported to host this AMA on their community Telegram channel. In case you missed … Read more

Qubit Important Update Notice

Bunny Finance Just now·3 min read TL:DR Bonus Rewards Announcement Key Expansion & New Feature QBT Collateral Ratio Change Theori Security Audit Completed (No Critical Issues) Dear Qubit Fam, We hope you have enjoyed our past AMA sessions with Binance Smart Chain and Alpaca Finance. A recap/transcript of all the AMAs will be posted here … Read more

Binance Smart Chain X Qubit AMA Session Wrap-Up

Bunny Finance Just now·5 min read Summary: Introduction of Main Speakers Questions from BSC Team Open Questions from BSC Community Winners of the AMA Event Hello Qubitians, In case you missed it, below is a quick recap of the AMA session hosted by Binance Smart Chain with the BSC community, conducted last week on September … Read more

The Mound Vault Begins QBT Farming

Bunny Finance Just now·2 min read Mound Fam, We are excited to announce that the Mound Vault’s QBT will begin farming today at UTC+0 0800. Mound Vault’s QBT Farming As mentioned in a previous post, the 100,000,000 QBT committed to the Mound Vault on behalf of MND holders will be farmed in twelve equal tranches … Read more