Bunny Finance Just now·3 min read Hello Bunny Fam, In response to the recent exploit, Team Bunny is slowing the pace of its product releases to make security its top priority. Our prior focus was on expanding the PancakeBunny ecosystem and injecting value into the PancakeBunny Community as quickly as possible in order to speed … Read more

Revised Qubit Launch Protocol and Qubit Testnet

Bunny Finance Just now·3 min read ATTENTION:In order to ensure a maximum level of security, Team Bunny is revising its protocols for new product launches. Qubit will be the first product to launch under our enhanced security protocol. Please read on below for further details regarding the new Qubit Launch Protocol and the introduction of … Read more

Introducing QUBIT (QBT) — Innovating Lending And Borrowing on the BSC

Bunny Finance Just now·7 min read Hello Bunny Fam, Thank you for following us on this amazing journey! The Team has been working incredibly hard, and in only the past two weeks we have already launched PancakeBunny on Polygon and launched our innovative Mound Vault, as promised. We know the community has been tracking our … Read more

Swap BUNNY into Mound (MND) Vault Today! Only 2 Days Left to Swap at 1.5X! — READ THE FAQ

Bunny Finance Just now·5 min read Hello Bunny Fam! With only TWO days left to swap BUNNY into the Mound (MND) Vault at a massive multiple of 1.5x, Team Bunny has compiled answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions from the Community. (Swap BUNNY into the Vault at!) Please take a look below and … Read more

Delivering Bug Bounty Program with Immunefi

Bunny Finance 3 days ago·4 min read Bunny Fam 🐰🐰🐰 In continuation of our multifaceted plan to enhance our security against malicious actors, we have onboarded Immunefi to deliver rewards for finding bugs in our smart contracts and protocols. While Team Bunny always keeps security in mind with strict in-house development processes and code review, … Read more