Band Protocol launches price feeds on CLV

Band Protocol is proud to announce our latest partnership with another project on the Polkadot ecosystem, CLV. Previously known as Clover Finance, CLV has partnered with Band Protocol to bring secure and accurate data feeds to its infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications. With interoperability and cross-chain in mind, CLV products offer great connectivity … Read more

Band Protocol Launches Decentralised Oracle Solution on Cronos Mainnet

Band protocol’s oracle solution is now live on Cronos, the blockchain network native to ecosystem. This partnership will help to further enhance the already rapidly growing Cronos ecosystem as we strive to provide reliable external data feeds for developers in a decentralized manner. Our scalable oracle solution can ensure developers on the Cronos network, … Read more

Band Oracle is Live on SiennaLend!

1 What is SiennaLend? SiennaLend, powered by Sienna Network, is the world’s first private lending protocol and also the first protocol to enable private and permissionless Bitcoin and Monero lending. Allowing users access to private lending means that users will be able to gain higher privacy and data security than within the current DeFi space. … Read more

Band Protocol 2021 Recap and Vision: Rapid Expansion, BandChain V3, and Beyond Oracle

2021 has proved to be a year of leap in development for both the overall web3 ecosystem and Band Protocol. During this year, the Band Protocol team has solved many technical and business problems to deliver unique solutions such as BandChain Phase 2 and IBC Oracle service. All the while keeping our focus on improving … Read more

BCIP-6: Increase Block Capacity through Request Gas Parameter

With the recent growth of usage from our partners (i.e. Mirror, Injective), there is an increase in requests that fills up to 80–90% of block’ capacity during peak periods. To solve this issue, we are submitting BandChain Improvement Proposal (BCIP-6) to propose parameter adjustment that will increase Block’s capacity. The proposed parameter per_validator_request_gas specifies the … Read more

Polymarket Integrates UMA’s Optimistic Oracle

Clayton Roche Feb 4 · 2 min read Tl;dr — Polymarket has integrated UMA’s optimistic oracle. UMA’s OO provides automated and decentralized resolution for the information markets displayed on Polymarket’s interface. An Information Market Resolved by a Decentralized, Optimistic Oracle An optimistic oracle is one where data is proposed in response to a request, and … Read more

Band Oracle Now Live on Oasis Network Mainnet

Following our recent partnership announcement with Oasis Network, we are thrilled to announce that our scalable and decentralized oracle solution is live and fully integrated on Oasis Network Mainnet — supporting rapid growth in the ecosystem and adding significant usage to Band Protocol Ready to Support DApp Growth The integration work that Band Protocol began in Q4 2021 is … Read more

Band Oracle is now live on Celo’s Mobile-First DeFi Platform

Band Protocol’s decentralized, permissionless, and time-tested data oracle solution is now available on Celo. Celo is a mobile-first, carbon-neutral blockchain that makes decentralized financial (DeFi) tools and services accessible to anyone with a mobile phone–bringing the powerful benefits of DeFi to the users of the 6 billion smartphones in circulation today. With Band Protocol’s oracle, … Read more