Olympus Pro in 2022

Olympus Pro was introduced to the world on September 17, 2021. The idea was simple: allow DAOs and projects to take control of their token emissions and liquidity mining programs through protocol-owned liquidity. Since our launch in late September, we have been full steam ahead and have onboarded 40 partners across four different blockchains and … Read more

OlyZaps: All-in-one swaps into sOHM

Lightning has struck again from Olympus — this time with a resounding ⚡ZAP⚡ Introducing OlyZaps: swap any asset into sOHM directly through the Olympus App What Is OlyZaps OlyZaps is a new feature in the Olympus App that introduces a “zapping” mechanism to provide easy access for staking or bonding OHM from any asset. Through collaborating with Zapper, this … Read more

Olympus Pro — Introducing Avalanche Cohort 1

Olympus Pro — Introducing Avalanche Cohort 1 Ohmies, With this cohort we’re excited to share that we’re expanding to Avalanche 🔺! Our first Avalanche Cohort features Pangolin, Growth DeFi, BENQI, and Yield Yak. What Is Olympus Pro? Olympus Pro is a service for protocols looking to supplement liquidity mining in their emissions programs with low overhead and maximum impact. Through … Read more

When We (3,3) Together, We Win Together! PoolTogether x Chainlink x Olympus

Ohmies, As you all know, our mission at OlympusDAO is to continuously create value for our community and discover new opportunities to create an inclusive, empowering, and decentralized financial infrastructure. In the true nature of this mission and in the spirit (3,3), we’re excited to announce a new savings pool combined with a no-loss prize … Read more