Announcing: Olympus Incubator

Our goal at Olympus is to create the reserve currency for DeFi. In order to achieve our lofty ambitions, we must build the greatest digital economy in the world: the econohmy. The former cannot exist without the latter. “We shall strive to enable radical ideas to become reality. Through this, Olympus (itself a radical idea) becomes … Read more

Olympus Pro in 2022

Olympus Pro was introduced to the world on September 17, 2021. The idea was simple: allow DAOs and projects to take control of their token emissions and liquidity mining programs through protocol-owned liquidity. Since our launch in late September, we have been full steam ahead and have onboarded 40 partners across four different blockchains and … Read more

Introducing V2 Bonds

tl;dr: auto-staking and flexible vesting We are proud to announce the release of V2 bonds coming to our dApp with two major upgrades — auto-staking and flexible vesting. These updates provide improvements compared to V1 bonds and allow for a more accessible bonding experience with less cost and greater flexibility for all Ohmies. What is a Bond? First, let’s explain … Read more

Arbitrum: How to Bridge Your gOHM and Provide Liquidity to Earn Staking Rewards

Welcome to Arbitrum Arbitrum is a Layer 2 optimistic rollup that aims to increase efficiency and lower the costs of the Ethereum network. It does so by running unmodified Ethereum smart contracts through different validators that need to approve transactions in order to minimize the risk of scams or fake transactions. This alternative to Ethereum’s current … Read more

Introducing Olympus Give

Introducing Olympus Give — Redirecting Yield for Good Recent forum discussions have allowed our team to reflect and strategize the best way to highlight the power of our community and strength of (3, 3). Having such an engaged organization is at the heart of any successful DAO, and it’s our job to deliver solutions that reflect those views — continuously … Read more

Olympus Pro Spotlight: Pangolin

Olympus Pro Spotlight is a series where we highlight our Olympus Pro cohort partners to give OHMies insights into what our partners are building, how their token works, and why they chose Olympus Pro. What is Pangolin? Since their fair launch in Feb. ’21, Pangolin has grown to a TVL of >$442m while their governance token, … Read more

OlyZaps: All-in-one swaps into sOHM

Lightning has struck again from Olympus — this time with a resounding ⚡ZAP⚡ Introducing OlyZaps: swap any asset into sOHM directly through the Olympus App What Is OlyZaps OlyZaps is a new feature in the Olympus App that introduces a “zapping” mechanism to provide easy access for staking or bonding OHM from any asset. Through collaborating with Zapper, this … Read more

The Evolution of DAOs

by Tokemak Founder, Liquidity Wizard Overview Much has been made about the so-called DeFi 2.0. Some vilify the term, others pay great reverence to it. Whether you love or hate it, there is no denying that something new is afoot within DeFi. A small but growing number of protocols are doing something fundamentally different, … Read more

Olympus Pro — Introducing the Non-Fungible Thanksgiving Cohort

Olympus Pro — Introducing the Non-Fungible Thanksgiving Cohort Ohmies, This cohort we’re entering the metaverse! Our Non-Fungible Thanksgiving Cohort features projects pushing the boundaries in the NFT space and is onboarding Blackpool, DivineDAO, and Botto to Olympus Pro. What Is Olympus Pro? Olympus Pro is a service for protocols looking to supplement liquidity mining in their emissions programs with … Read more

OlympusDAO Integrates Chainlink VRF for Provably Fair (3,3) Together No-Loss Raffles

OlympusDAO is excited to announce that we have integrated Chainlink VRF on Ethereum mainnet. By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we have access to a verifiably random number generator that is used to choose winners of our no-loss raffle on the OlympusDAO protocol. Ultimately, this helps assure users that the raffle is provably fair … Read more