Andre Cronje Announced New NFT Marketplace

Coder and DeFi developer Andre Cronje launched a beta version of a new NFT marketplace on the Fantom network.  Sponsored Sponsored The decentralized network Fantom welcomed its newest ecosystem addition. In a blog post on September 24th, the network announced the beta version of its new NFT marketplace, Artion. According to the post, Artion touts … Read more

Announcing Our 6th Launchpad Presale: Ratoken!

Coming off the heels of our successful launch of 1000Blocks just a few days ago, where BLS has shot up 7x from the presale price, we’re already bringing you another presale! Today we’re announcing our 6th Launchpad project, another chance for you WAULTx holders to get first access to low-price tokens, and it’s a project in … Read more