How to buy and earn wNXM on Bancor

Bancor is now the cheapest place to buy $wNXM in DeFi thanks to having the deepest liquidity ($12.3m as of 09/2021). Here, we will show you how to buy $wNXM and stake it on Bancor to earn low-risk, passive yield on your $xWNXM. 1. Ensure you have Metamask installed and loaded with funds for trading … Read more

Nexus Mutual Enables Cover for Vesper Deposits

Part of what Vespernauts like about Vesper is the hassle-free nature of the platform. For those looking to further ensure security of their funds, deposit cover via Nexus Mutual is here. Nexus Mutual’s Cover Solution Nexus Mutual is a smart contract cover platform that enables token holders to stake their NXM token on accepted DeFi protocols, sharing … Read more