Multichain Has Recovered 50% of Stolen Funds From January Exploit

The “ultimate cross-chain router for Web3” Multichain recovered nearly $2.6M in lost funds from recent liquidity pool and router contract exploits. Sponsored Sponsored The Multichain protocol announced the recovery of 50% of stolen funds from an exploit first identified on Jan. 10, 2022. Sponsored Sponsored Blockchain security company Dedaub notified Multichain about two soft spots … Read more

DeFi Wizard Product Series: ETH-BSC Bidirectional Bridge

Introduction The global crypto market today stands at more than $2 T in terms of market capitalization and daily traded volume exceeds $100 B. This gives a rough idea in terms of the magnitude that we are looking at and also the potential opportunities that lie ahead. Businesses today are exploring more and more use … Read more

How to farm GRVs tokens using Big Bang Round’s NFTs

Gravis.Finance Just now·3 min read NFT Farming allows Gravis Big Bang Round NFT holders to farm GRVS tokens on the BSC network. To start farming please do the following steps: Go to the NFT farming page located at 2. Connect your wallet. Please ensure that you connect the address that holds Big Bang NFTs. … Read more

Private NFT Offering Announcement

Gravis.Finance Just now·2 min read Introduction Gravis Finance successfully closed the Big Bang Round on June 5. During the next month, we did a lot of work: launched the Gswap Exchange on Polygon Network, developed and tested Gmart (NFT trading post), a cross-chain bridge called Planck Hub with our own token, added Japanese and Chinese … Read more

Gravis.Finance. The beginning

Gravis.Finance May 8·2 min read There is about a week left before the launch of Gswap, a decentralized exchange with the Heco and BSC blockchain. We are finishing testing and adapting the interfaces. All the time we were developing the project, we didn’t show any prototypes or lead any public groups. The product was and … Read more

Do You Believe In Matic? How to Use Sushi on Polygon With The Matic Bridge

Sushi May 7 · 15 min read Great news… Your vote passed and we made it happen! Our Sushi multichain family is growing and Matic (Soon to be Polygon — So, glad we got that play on words in before it was too late) has joined the SUSHI party! If you want to try out … Read more

Going Live with RenVM v0.4

This article will provide an overview of the upgrades taking place as part of the release of RenVM Mainnet V.04. The upgrades improve a variety of elements within the protocol, which are expanded upon below. Enabling Greycore activation RenVM fee improvements Streamlining of support for new blockchains Greycore Activation This upgrade collates and implements all of … Read more