Beefy reached 250M TVL on Polygon — NFT Giveaway

Polygon NFT Giveaway: $250M TVL The number one Yield Optimizer on Polygon reaches 250M TVL You might be thinking that you already read this medium article, but no, it was a similar one posted only 1 week ago, where we were celebrating 100M TVL. Now, almost 10 days after, we reached $250,000,000 TVL on the Polygon network… That … Read more

Beefy x Quickswap AMA — Recap

Beefy x Quickswap AMA — Recap This is a recap from the AMA that Beefy hosted on Beefy’s Telegram group the 03 June. QuickSwap’s devs and marketing team answered some questions from Beefy’s team and users. Thank you Sameep and Dave for taking the time to chat with Mooncow. At the AMA 15 people from the Cowmoonity got rewarded … Read more

Beefy Finance x QuickSwap Giveaway and AMA

A little bit of Beef to celebrate our progress on Polygon In less than one week from announcing our partnerships on Polygon, the Beefy Finance users are auto-compounding more than $100,000,000 of assets in the Beefy Polygon vaults. To support this influx of new Beefy users we have now added our Beefy ZAP feature to the QuickSwap, … Read more

ZAP! One-Click Beefy Vault Investing on Polygon

The “Beefy Zapper” is going places Our Zapper — or ZAP, for short — lets you create liquidity pool tokens and make Beefy vault deposits with just one transaction. You can invest with a couple of clicks, directly on, without having to leave the platform. With this new ZAP feature, if you want to go into the $BIFI-$ETH LP … Read more

Full Guide About How To Operate Funds On Polygon (MATIC) Chain

QuickDuck May 21·3 min read How to switch Metamask to Polygon (MATIC) We recommend MetaMask for using DeFi Apps.New users can download and configure MetaMask from 👉🏻 here 👈🏻 a) Connect MetaMask to Polygon (MATIC) using QuickDuck You’ll need to configure the Polygon Network custom RPC to your MetaMask. You can do it on 🦆 … Read more

Meme Contest: Beefy x Cometh

Win a Cometh Starter Kit worth 400 MATIC Are you a native meme creator? Have you always dreamed of sending cows to space? This is your time to shine. Beefy is runnings its first ever @cowmoonityHQ Meme Contest in partnership with Cometh. What is Cometh, and why are we working with them? Cometh is the first DeFi blockchain … Read more

Quick Duck Yield Farming With WIN-2-WIN Tokenomics Launch In An Hour On Polygon Chain

QuickDuck May 16·3 min read Hooray! QUACK🦆 We will launch the QuickDuck Farming Optimizer, which has combined the best farming mechanics from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks in a new blockchain with the lowest gas fees — Polygon (MATIC)! 🔹Own $QUACK token address 0x3bC3807C32B39d92Ad31bFEF46437e3d495A7FC3 🔹Use the Polygon (Matic) network explorer for checking: Vaults … Read more

Polygon Integration Coming to Autofarm soon!

Autofarm x Polygon We are thrilled to announce that Autofarm will soon be supporting Polygon in addition to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO chain (HECO), as its 3rd blockchain! Famously shouted out by billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, Polygon (previously Matic) is an Ethereum scaling solution that connects Ethereum-compatible blockchains with the promise of lower … Read more

Fork of PancakeBunny on POLYGON —

QuickDuck May 10·2 min read At first, all DeFi protocols were running on the Ethereum blockchain. Millions of transactions and hundreds of projects have overloaded the network, giving developers a difficult task for years 😈 The community began to think about building a fast and efficient network with low fees to stop depending from the … Read more


QuickDuck May 7·2 min read Today we’re excited to announce the Airdrop launch with 1000 QUACKs 🦆🚀🦆 AirDrop $QUACKs are distributed as follows 👇🏻🔹100 QUACKs in equal quantity to 10 winners according to the number of referrals in the Airdrop🔹900 QUACKs in equal quantity to all AirDrop participants Tell Me More You can be … Read more