100 Days of Raydium

To Liquidity and Beyond! It was a little over 100 days ago that Raydium officially fired up its thrusters and blasted off. Our vision was to drive ecosystem-wide liquidity for Solana by creating an AMM that interacts with Serum’s central limit order book, all while solving key challenges for users like high fees and slow transactions. … Read more

Mercurial Finance Launching on AcceleRaytor

Building Dynamic Vaults for Stable Assets We’re excited to announce that on May 19, Mercurial Finance will be launching on AcceleRaytor! Mercurial is building dynamic market making vaults, providing low slippage swaps for stables, while also improving liquidity pool profits with dynamic fees and flexible capital allocation. This article will cover the two parts of an … Read more

ParaSwap is now integrated natively into the Monolith wallet

Monolith users can now swap ERC/ETH-20 tokens straight from the app & at the best rates, thanks to their ParaSwap integration. paraswap Jun 26, 2020 · 2 min read Monolith — a non-custodial contract wallet paired with a debit card to spend your ETH & ERC-20 in real life — just released an integration of … Read more