Whirlpools Rotation #8: July 28th — August 11th

Orca Jul 27 · 2 min read ECOSYSTEM UPDATES Five new Whirlpools are opening on Orca, including two Fresh Double-Dips! 🌊 Whirlpools Rotation #8 🌀 Duration: Thursday July 28th — Thursday August 11th, 2022 Total Rewards: ORCA rewards for this Rotation will be ~35K ORCA per week, with the distribution across our pools detailed below. … Read more

Inside Balancer Contracts — BasePool

Inside Balancer Contracts — BasePool Full credit for this BasePool deep dive goes to Beethoven X member 0xSkly. Balancer’s strength comes from its ecosystem and those using/ building upon the Balancer technology. Now that we have talked about pool permissions and the new recovery mode, it’s time to actually start talking about the real deal — pools! This is … Read more

1inch launches Earn

This investment tool takes advantage of more efficient use of capital than in regular AMM pools. The 1inch Network is tirelessly working on solutions enabling users to make the most of their assets and is happy to introduce 1inch Earn, a new investment product offering liquidity providers attractive APYs. What is 1inch Earn? The concept of 1inch … Read more

One click Liquidity Migration and special GRVS Airdrop

Gravis.Finance Just now·3 min read On 14 October 2021 Gravis Finance will launch classic Yield Farming Pools. You can learn about available pools, APR etc. here: Farming Before the Farming launch, the Liquidity Migration (vampiring) will go live at 13:00 UTC on 11 October 2021. How it works: go to the Migration tab on the … Read more

How to pick the most suitable platform with liquidity pools?

The main task for an investor is to increase their capital and make it work for them. Recently, investing in digital assets has gained enormous popularity as passive income that generates extra cash flow. When it comes to investing in decentralized finance, a liquidity pool is a game-changing innovation that was not commonly known just 12 … Read more

New joint liquidity mining program with Lido

The program starts on September 24, featuring the stETH-DAI pool. We are happy to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new liquidity mining program in collaboration with Lido. Providers of liquidity to the stETH-DAI pool will collect 200,000 LDO and 200,000 1INCH tokens in rewards, on top of LP rewards in the pool’s tokens. The … Read more

Yield Aggregator & Optimizer YieldParrot Collaborating with Reef Finance

Derek E. Silva Sep 15 · 2 min read Reef Finance, the builders of the Ethereum VM-compatible smart contract blockchain called Reef Chain, announced an upcoming collaboration with YieldParrot, a state-of-the-art yield aggregator and optimizer built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). At YieldParrot, BSC users can find the best opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem with … Read more

Harvest Points Its BuyBack Mechanism at Bancor

As liquidity depth at Bancor exceeds the depth at Uniswap, Harvest points its buyback mechanism at Bancor Dear Farmers and Bancorians, Today we have exciting news for both communities. Harvest has officially pointed its buyback mechanism at Bancor. This results in constant buying pressure of the $FARM token, happening right at Bancor. A short story on Harvest’s … Read more

1inch integrates Curve’s sUSD pool with Synthetix staking

1inch users are set to benefit from the pool’s high annual percentage rate (APR) and extra staking rewards from Synthetix. We are constantly looking for new opportunities for our users to cash in, and here’s a new one: 1inch has added native integration with Curve’s sUSD exchange liquidity pool and Synthetix staking. Users who provide … Read more

How the 1inch Network gives access to multiple liquidity sources

This is the second post in a series on the advantages offered by the 1inch Network. It explains how 1inch offers access to multiple liquidity sources. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the backbone of the crypto industry, allowing users to buy and sell assets and serving as the ultimate liquidity providers. They enable the entire ecosystem to … Read more