New liquidity mining program with DigiByte and Ren

Liquidity farming for Ren-based assets continues! Following up on the 1inch Network’s successful partnership with Ren, the 1inch Foundation decided to add another liquidity mining opportunity together with DigiByte to bootstrap renDGB within the Ethereum ecosystem. The new 1INCH-renDGB farming program will kick off at 9 PM UTC on April 9. Under this farming program, an … Read more

A new liquidity mining program with Opium

As a follow-up to a highly popular ETH-OPIUM liquidity mining program, another opportunity featuring the OPIUM token will be launched. We are excited to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new liquidity mining program with Opium, one of the most promising projects in the DeFi space. The new program, centered on the 1INCH-OPIUM pool, … Read more

Vesper LP Update

Merkle Claims for liquidity providers is now production-ready and LPers may start claiming rewards through Pure Finance. Below outlines the timeline and requirements. Onsen participants began receiving VSP rewards on March 17th at 1pm Eastern, the same time that VSP rewards through GYSR expired. Users can now claim their first batch of rewards via … Read more

A new liquidity mining program with Vesper

Following in the footsteps of a successful 1INCH-VSP liquidity mining program, a similar one will be launched tonight. As the earlier 1INCH-VSP liquidity program turned out to be enormously popular with users, we are thrilled to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new liquidity mining program with Vesper, one of the hottest ‘blue chips’ … Read more

1inch partners with Ren and announces joint farming program

Continuing with a successful model for farming programs, the 1inch and Ren teams have formed what is expected to be a long-lasting and fruitful relationship that will provide multiple advantages to users of both platforms. The 1inch Foundation is glad to announce that the 1inch’s partnership with Ren will let liquidity providers get additional benefits … Read more

1inch’s joint liquidity mining program with ICHI

Following recent successful farming programs, the 1inch and ICHI teams are excited to announce the launch of a new joint liquidity mining program. ICHI is the native token of the ICHI protocol, a community-driven infrastructure that enables any crypto community to create and run their own stablecoin pegged to the U.S. Dollar. Through this partnership both … Read more

VSP LP Rewards & Emissions Update

As Vesper enters its second month since launch, LP rewards and further token distributions are now set. Any additions, revisions, or extensions from here on out must be made at the discretion of the community. The following highlights key information regarding 1) VSP rewards for liquidity providers and 2) ongoing emissions to participants in the … Read more


paraswap Feb 9·5 min read 1000 $MLN to be distributed to ParaSwap users Thank you for sharing this reward with the DeFi community and beyond. We’re happy to see your excitement for MLN token. Enzyme Finance, formerly Melon Protocol, is one of the first DeFi projects (before DeFi had a name). Their goal is to … Read more