Moonbeam x Sushi: Everything You Need to Know

me9 LastName Nov 5 · 5 min read As many of you know, Sushi and Moonbeam have created a cross chain integration and a joint liquidity mining program for Sushi on Moonriver. These very exciting details were released last week in two Medium articles that outlined the specifics of how to bridge and use Sushi … Read more

Serum DAO Launches Liquidity Mining Program with $100M Treasury

Project Serum Just now·2 min read We are delighted to announce that the Serum DAO voted and approved a new Liquidity Mining Program starting with an initial allocation of $100M. This program aims to attract more users to Serum’s growing ecosystem and to encourage further development on the protocol. This is great news on top … Read more

It’s a Celo-bration!! How to Access Sushi on Celo

Sushi Oct 13 · 7 min read Sushi is excited to announce that Celo liquidity rewards will be live tomorrow, October 14th at 8PM UTC! In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about Sushi and how to start earning rewards with Celo. Topics covered in this tutorial: Introduction to SushiHow are SUSHI rewards distributed?How to earn … Read more

One click Liquidity Migration and special GRVS Airdrop

Gravis.Finance Just now·3 min read On 14 October 2021 Gravis Finance will launch classic Yield Farming Pools. You can learn about available pools, APR etc. here: Farming Before the Farming launch, the Liquidity Migration (vampiring) will go live at 13:00 UTC on 11 October 2021. How it works: go to the Migration tab on the … Read more

State of KPI liquidity mining

Chandler Sep 29 · 4 min read Background UMA introduced Liquidity Mining 2.0 (LM 2.0) in a previous article which outlined how a smarter liquidity mining program would look like using KPI options. This is a model that Andre Cronje has also announced his support for. Three LM2.0 Programs Live After sharing this piece, DAOs … Read more

New joint liquidity mining program with Lido

The program starts on September 24, featuring the stETH-DAI pool. We are happy to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new liquidity mining program in collaboration with Lido. Providers of liquidity to the stETH-DAI pool will collect 200,000 LDO and 200,000 1INCH tokens in rewards, on top of LP rewards in the pool’s tokens. The … Read more

Bancor To Extend LM Rewards for the $FARM Pool

Benefits & what that means for both Harvest & Bancor Ecosystems Dear Farmers & Bancorians, Harvest has been collaborating with Bancor for more than 3 months on improvements that benefit our ecosystems. Today, as of 8th September 2021, the proposal to extend Liquidity Mining Rewards for the $FARM / $BNT Pool by another 100 days … Read more

Designing A Smart Liquidity Mining Program (LM 2.0)

A Case Study Using KPI Options for Balancer’s Liquidity Mining Program on Polygon Kevin Chan Aug 16 · 6 min read Liquidity Mining 2.0 The idea of Liquidity Mining 2.0 was first introduced in a tweet. It involves replacing liquidity mining rewards with call options or KPI options. As mentioned in the tweet, this accomplishes … Read more

Call options on $OPIUM: an alternative to liquidity mining

We introduce a simpler way for $OPIUM holders to get yield on their tokens Andrey Belyakov Jun 22 · 4 min read In short: Stake your $OPIUM to exchange future upside for premiums now or pay a fee to get xxx-leveraged upside! Over time, in DeFi, numerous liquidity mining programs were designed and distributed hundreds … Read more