Injective December Update

Happy New Year Injective Family! 2021 was a landmark year for Injective and the community didn’t let the ball drop (pun intended) throughout the final month. December marked multiple milestones such as the start of INJ burn auctions, gas free deposits and Terra/UST perpetual markets alongside record-shattering trading volumes. Read below for a full digest … Read more

Injective: 2021 Review and the Road Ahead

The past year was marked by rapid growth and adoption of Injective. During this time, Injective launched its state of the art mainnet and released Web3 products that would come to redefine the entire crypto industry. Two community-driven goals currently underpin Injective. The first is enabling anyone to access, create, and trade unlimited DeFi markets. … Read more

IIP-93: Improved Token Economics, Increased INJ Burn and Chain Optimizations

Injective Improvement Proposal #93 (IIP-93) has passed, leading to major on-chain mainnet enhancements. Overall the upgrade leads to improved token economics, revamped reward mechanics, new avenues to increase the INJ burn, and a number of backend optimizations that will make the Injective Chain more powerful than ever before. The article here will shed some light … Read more

Terra Ecosystem Markets Launch on Injective

Decentralized Terra ecosystem markets are now on Injective! Users can begin to trade native Terra (LUNA) spot and derivatives markets using TerraUSD (UST). The Terra community is also launching campaigns to incentivize UST adoption on Injective, starting with a $200,000 trading competition this week. The integration of the Terra with Injective marks a groundbreaking event … Read more

Dedicated Market Maker (DMM) Program Release

The second major component of Injective Astro is live: the Designated Market Making (DMM) Program. DMM Dashboard: Link A recurring theme in the Injective community is the desire to produce highly liquid decentralized markets. In the background, a number of institutional market markers have integrated with Injective to bring greater liquidity to the derivatives and … Read more

Market Maker AMA Recap: Injective & Asymmetries

Thank you all for attending Injective’s first-ever Marketing Making AMA featuring Asymmetries. Please find a recap of the AMA with Elrond below. Catch the full interview on YouTube: Panelists: Justin, Founder of Asymmetries Technologies Max, Head of Financial Markets at Injective Labs Hannah, Moderator H: Could you tell us about your background and how … Read more

Injective Burn Auction Launch

The Injective Burn Auction has launched! Injective will now have one of the largest token burning ratios in the entire crypto industry, leading to a potentially ultrasound deflationary INJ token. TLDR: Injective Protocol will now automatically burn 60% of all exchange fees every week. A new auction interface has also been created for users to … Read more

The First Injective Premier Metaverse Listing: GuildFi

Injective is excited to announce its first premier metaverse listing of GuildFi ($GF). Starting now you can begin to deposit funds onto the Injective Chain for zero gas fees! Full trading for the GF/USDT spot market is expected to go live later this week in order to provide users with sufficient time to make deposits … Read more