Harvest Finance ‘Farm Arts’ Creativity Contest ROUND 5 — SPRING EDITION

Harvest Finance ‘Farm Arts’ Creativity Contest ROUND 5 — SPRING EDITION 👨‍🌾Attention Farmers: It’s been a while since our last iteration of the creativity contest and we have certainly missed your awesome submissions! The Christmas edition brought us beautiful carvings, catchy songs, benevolent charity work and many other amazing entries. 🌼Spring has just begun and we thought it would … Read more

Harvest Finance Meme Contest winners

In order to help spread the word about Harvest Finance and the latest developments in the fields of defi, we asked our humble farmers to fire up their meme machines (and indeed any other creative ideas they have). It was hard to a choose a winner, so we let the community in the Discord server cast … Read more

Harvest Finance Marketing Contest Part 2 — Outreach, Memes + More

Harvest Finance Marketing Contest Part 2 — Outreach, Memes + More The Second Part of Harvest Finance’s marketing contest is upon us! This time we are focusing on outreach and spreading the message of Harvest far and wide. Chad issues a Call to Farms Over the last few weeks the community of humble farmers has produced a few nice looking … Read more

Harvest.Finance Marketing Contest — Part 1 — Announcement

Harvest.Finance Marketing Contest — Part 1 — Announcement 2021- the Year of the Metal Ox — is upon us, and it’s time to re-evaluate how the message of Harvest Finance is being delivered. Yield farming has exploded in popularity over the last few months, but despite this, it’s still a relatively small niche in the wider cryptosphere. The concepts and processes … Read more

⚙️ Week 21 — New Strategies Galore!

⚙️ Week 21 — New Strategies Galore! Check out our new strategies across various 📈 We are right here with you to celebrate the Ethereum all time highs this week. This will truly be the year of the 0x. 🆕 With no shortage of crops available, Harvest not only automatically farms the highest yields in DeFi, but also serves … Read more

Week 20 — Autoharvests and Self Driving Banks

🏦 Week 20 — Autoharvests and Self Driving Banks Check out our new high yielding strategies over at our homepage! 👋 Greetings Humble Farmers! 🗓️ This is a landmark week for all of the DeFi farmlands, as we see new entrants in the market such as Mark Cuban and Brian Brooks. Of note, Mark Cuban describes using Aave and … Read more

Week 19 — Running with the Bulls

Week 19 — Running with the 🐂 Bulls Some incredible stats from 2020: $14.8 million in saved gas fees and around $4M in FARM bought back by the protocol 🎉 Welcome to 2021 Humble Farmers! 🤗 As we start the new year, we are welcomed by strong tailwinds and what appears to be the start of a glorious DeFi spring. … Read more

Week 18 — See you in 2021! The Year of the Bull

Week 18 — See you in 2021! The Year of the Bull 🐃 Chadventures in Snowland is a Harvest Finance and festive themed game that you can now play here. Chad is on a journey to harvest as much 🚜 FARM as possible during the winter months. In ‘Chadventures in Snowland’, you help Chad harvest as much FARM … Read more

Week 17 — 420 and 69 during the winter months

🎄Week 17 — 🌿 420 and ♋ 69 in the Festive Season! Our new festive landing page! 🎅 To Humble Farmers across all of the DeFi lands and world, 🎉 Harvest Finance would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! Here at Harvest, we aim to do the hardWork so that humble farmers everywhere can … Read more