User Guide to Adding Liquidity to rUSD/3NRV Pool on Nerve Finance

Step 1: Visit and connect wallet to BSC: Step 2: Go to pools section and select rUSD/3pool to add liquidity. Step 3: Select stablecoin to deposit. You may add single or multi-side assets. Note that adding stablecoins that have a lower composition within the pool will give users extra bonuses on pricing when adding liquidity. … Read more

User Guide to Minting rUSD and Becoming A Liquidity Provider for Multiple Yield Streams

rUSD (BEP20) Token Address 0x07663837218A003e66310a01596af4bf4e44623D Decimals: 18 For more information on rUSD, please read more here. (A) Using rUSD Minter Step 1: Visit and connect wallet to BSC: Step 2: Minter has been activated for all BSC vaults. Stake assets into BSC vaults as collateral to mint rUSD while earning yield. If you have existing staked assets in … Read more

RAMP V2 Vault on Binance Smart Chain Now Live! *User Guide Inside*

We are happy to announce that RAMP V2 Staking Vault is now live on Binance Smart Chain. As the Binance Smart Chain has a block time of ~3 seconds compared to Ethereum of ~13 seconds, the per block rewards shall be adjusted accordingly. The BSC V2 Staking Vault shall start with rewards of 0.46 RAMP per … Read more

RAMP V2 Vaults Now Live!

RAMP V2 Vaults Now Live! *User Guide Inside* We are happy to announce that RAMP V2 Vaults are now live on Ethereum mainnet. Rewards adjustments shall take place based on the schedule provided in the earlier article: Migration from V1 Vaults to V2 Vaults is essential for RAMP users who wish to mint rUSD from their … Read more