Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review

Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review Also: Blockforce receives grant, UNI/USDT vote passes, Immunifi manages bug bounties, plus Vesper data insights Ambassador Program Launches Building a world-class community will be a key element of Vesper’s ongoing success. The ambassador program is designed to grow Vesper’s reach in tight-knit local communities and to surface that … Read more

LINK Pool Launches, Blockforce Pitches Proposal, Vote on UNI/USDT Pool Goes Live

Also: Vesper works with Chainlink on advanced TVL reporting, CREAM vote carries, and Jeff Garzik on the roadmap. LINK Vesper Grow Pool Launches This week was filled with exciting news from within the Chainlink orbit. Two important announcements, actually. The first turned out to be one of crypto’s worst-kept secrets within that 24-hour period — the graduation of the … Read more

Vesper to Integrate Chainlink for Best Possible TVL Data, Launches LINK Pool

Thanks to a community vote, our conservative Vesper Grow LINK pool has graduated from our beta site to the main Vesper app. That said, the Vesper team is equally excited to announce that our work in the Chainlink ecosystem goes a lot deeper. On behalf of our community, we want to work with leaders to deliver … Read more

Opium Protocol is on Polygon (ex-Matic)

Solving blockchain trilemma Riccardo Biosas Apr 27 · 6 min read Blockchain trilemma There’s much talk about decentralization, but in our opinion, the emphasis is often misplaced towards its technical side which tends to neglect the social side of the issue. One of the acclaimed virtues of decentralized systems is that they achieve a democratizing … Read more

Hedge Fund Proposes Collaboration, Nexus Covers, CREAM Vote Begins

Also: Decentralization progresses, >$60k in engineering bounties get paid, Virtual Bacon AMA, and more! Blockforce Capital Proposes Innovative Collaboration In what is very likely a first for DeFi, Blockforce Capital and Vesper are pursuing a collaboration that would bring an actively managed fund exclusively to the Vesper ecosystem. Blockforce proposed a symbiotic relationship in which the … Read more

Sushi Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to Secure Kashi Lending and Margin Trading Markets

Sushi Apr 22 · 5 min read Sushi recently launched Kashi, an innovative lending and margin trading protocol that uses a unique risk isolation architecture in order to support a broad set of previously inaccessible token pairs for lending. In order to ensure that Kashi markets are secured by a robust and proven oracle solution, … Read more

Alpaca Academy: Lesson 1 – Shorting at a Profit,

Alpaca Academy: Lesson 1 -Alpaca Finance’s Unique Use-Case — Shorting at a Profit Hello young Alpacas, and welcome, to Alpaca Academy. Here, we senior Alpacas will teach you about DeFi concepts, in particular, ones applying to Alpaca Finance. As such, today will be the first of a series of lessons to help you make the highest possible profits … Read more

Nexus Mutual Enables Cover for Vesper Deposits

Part of what Vespernauts like about Vesper is the hassle-free nature of the platform. For those looking to further ensure security of their funds, deposit cover via Nexus Mutual is here. Nexus Mutual’s Cover Solution Nexus Mutual is a smart contract cover platform that enables token holders to stake their NXM token on accepted DeFi protocols, sharing … Read more