RAMP & IoTeX: Partnering to Help IOTX Liquidity Providers Achieve Capital Efficiency

Collateralize IOTX-BUSD LP Assets Into Liquid Capital While Earning 158% APY! We are excited to share that the IoteX vault is live on RAMP V2! IoTeX token holders now can unlock liquid capital from their farming assets by collateralizing PancakeSwap IOTX-BUSD LP tokens and maximize their yield returns on RAMP platform, as they continue to enjoy APY … Read more

Fork of PancakeBunny on POLYGON — QuickDuck.finance

QuickDuck May 10·2 min read At first, all DeFi protocols were running on the Ethereum blockchain. Millions of transactions and hundreds of projects have overloaded the network, giving developers a difficult task for years 😈 The community began to think about building a fast and efficient network with low fees to stop depending from the … Read more

Do You Believe In Matic? How to Use Sushi on Polygon With The Matic Bridge

Sushi May 7 · 15 min read Great news… Your vote passed and we made it happen! Our Sushi multichain family is growing and Matic (Soon to be Polygon — So, glad we got that play on words in before it was too late) has joined the SUSHI party! If you want to try out … Read more

PancakeSwap Migration

Hello Cowmoonity, As many of you know, PancakeSwap is getting ready for PancakeSwap V2 very soon. Since this will affect all projects that rely on Pancakeswap for liquidity, we’re preparing everything for the switch. Pancake is creating a new set of LP Tokens, and their farms and exchange will start supporting the new type instead of … Read more

Bird Staking Takes Off to a Thunderous reception as LP Farming goes LIVE.

Bird Staking Takes Off to a Thunderous reception as Early LP Farmers are Set for Juicy Rewards $BIRD LP Farming is NOW LIVE as Bird.Money records 14% of supply deposited into staking within a few days. Nothing feels better than when your Bird Flock shows up for you! We are thrilled to announce that the launch of … Read more