The Bancorian | A Weekly Summary-October 10th 2021

In this week’s Community Call recording, Bancor shared the development updates above and discussed governance proposals on discourse. Discussing the proposal to restructure LM in the EDEN pool The main two concerns with the Eden Network’s prioritization of Bancor transactions are that: It’s difficult to verify what an EDEN block precisely is; There’s a front-running/back-running … Read more

UMA KPI Options for SMART Alpha are Now Live

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) options are now live for SMART Alpha! This post will provide an overview of how you may have already earned an airdrop, how you can earn more options between now and November 2nd, and what potential payout looks like. Please refer to the original announcement for a more detailed background on what … Read more

The Bancorian | A Weekly Summary-October 3rd 2021

🔥Bancor Vortex September 2021 ended with a total of ~215K $vBNT burned in total. On 9/8 we saw one of the highest burns (~21k) since the inception of the vortex This is inline with the last 5 months in which we have burned >~200K $vBNT monthly 🌀🔥 +—————+————–+| time | burnedamount |+—————+————–+| 4/1/2021 0:00 | … Read more

In the Eye of the Institution: How DeFi Summer Gave Rise to Liquid Staking

The staking industry continues to set new benchmarks in growth. Last month, Ethereum 2.0 highlighted the potential that investors see in this passive income area. Sponsored Sponsored The smart contracts platform reached over $21 billion staked on its deposit contract. There are also now 215,000 validators for the Eth2 network. Eth2 staking has clearly captured … Read more

Looking Back and Forward — September edition

Opium Team Oct 1 · 4 min read If Autumn represents progress and maturity, then Opium is certainly flowing with the seasons. As September draws to a close, we contributors are proudly looking back at all the developments. Considering how many people are building and how many interesting governance proposals are coming in, we know … Read more

The Bancorian | A Weekly Summary-September 26th 2021

🔥Bancor Vortex The vortex requires a tribute, a tribute to continue fueling its hunger 😈. Its purpose is to consume all $vBNT out there and lock $BNT forever. 🌀 🔥 This week, we saw roughly ~42K in $vBNT that was burned by the vortex. At current BNT prices (~$3.50) this equates to ~$147K worth of … Read more

Understanding Perpetual Vaults in DeFi: Structured Products with Underlying Options Strategies

Wade Prospere Sep 29 · 23 min read Table of Contents: Intro Selling Covered Call Options vs. Selling Put Options Covered Call Strategies in Action Ribbon Finance: ETH Covered Call Vault (T-ETH-C) Stake Dao: Active ETH Covered Call Strategy (Active ETH CC Strategy) Ribbon Finance: BTC Covered Call Vault (T-WBTC-C) Stake Dao: Active BTC Covered … Read more

The 1inch Network is integrated into Dharma

All swaps on the popular Ethereum wallet are now powered by 1inch. The 1inch Network is thrilled to announce that the 1inch API has been integrated into the Ethereum wallet Dharma to power its swap functionality. Now, users’ trades on Dharma will be executed via 1inch, including buying tokens from a bank account, selling tokens to … Read more

Build a call option on OPIUM

Riccardo Biosas Sep 27 · 7 min read The Opium protocol is a universal protocol to create, settle and trade virtually all derivatives and financial instruments in a professional and trustless way. It allows anyone to build custom exchange-traded products on top of the EVM-Compatible blockchains. Once created, they can be traded freely via a … Read more

IAO #008 — NFTY Network!

IAO #008 — NFTY Network! 💎 NFT Gateways of the future 😮 Apes, welcome our next IAO partner, NFTY Network, to the Jungle! 🐵🌴 About NFTY Network 🦬 NFTY Network is a decentralized NFT ecosystem, built to facilitate various innovations in the NFT space. With 3 core products, NFTY Launch, NFTY Labs, and NFTY Connect! NFTY Launch NFTY Launch is an all-new … Read more