BadgerDAO partners with DeFiDollar to launch ibBTC

Why hold Bitcoin when you can hold Interest Bearing Bitcoin? We did it, Badgers Today is the long awaited launch of interest bearing bitcoin (ibBTC) in partnership with DefiDollar. An asset that will become the easiest onramp for any user holding bitcoin to put it to work through DeFi. For Badgers it opens up a whole new world … Read more

New joint liquidity mining program with Wirex

The program will kick off on May 7, featuring the 1INCH-WXT pool. 1inch’s liquidity programs continue to attract users by lucrative rewards, and we are happy to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new one in collaboration with Wirex. The liquidity mining program with Wirex is to be launched at 8 pm UTC on … Read more

Weekly Dev Update

Bancor Dev Update for the week of May 2–7: Trading competition, pool space notifications & more Contracts Completed work for the trader NFT competition Completed hardhat migration Replaced custom re-entrancy guard with OpenZeppelin version Moved the contracts out of the solidity directory Added abi files to the npm package Deprecated non standard pool converters Fixed terminology inconsistencies … Read more

Introducing Opium Bridge Protection

Decentralized insurance for side-chain bridges Andrey Belyakov May 6 · 3 min read Click here to stake into or purchase Opium Bridge Protection As the importance of side-chains increases in the DeFi, we are super excited to present Bridge Protection for the largest and most solid side-chains. Based on the Opium CDS contract, our insurance … Read more

April Development Update

Welcome to the April edition of the KeeperDAO monthly development update. There is a lot to share with updates to the Hiding Game, the impending release of kCompound, and new information about the Coordination Game. Community in April Hiding Game user volume is growing rapidly: $26,273,380 Hiding Game user volume (last 7 days) $79,643,316 Hiding Game user volume … Read more

Bancor Progress Update (April 2021)

TLDR: Bancor Network is growing fast, supported by the protocol’s elastic BNT supply, which co-invests BNT to match single-sided liquidity deposits. In contrast to other inflationary systems, this minting of new BNTs has no negative impact on the BNT price. Volume, liquidity, and trading fees are rapidly rising on Bancor, indicating widespread adoption and an … Read more

April Development Update

This month has been a diverse mix of preparing for the next release of RenVM, the upcoming “blockchain blitz”, working with third-party developers (check out the new BadgerDAO bridge if you haven’t already), and designing some brand new functionality. Let’s jump into it. Loki I have talked about Loki a few times already. It is our … Read more

Weekly Dev Update

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Ren Ecosystem Update

April 2021 Welcome to the April Ren Ecosystem Update! RenVM continues to make strides in its cross-chain expansion, with a very busy month and over 4.5 billion in total volume to date. So without further ado, let’s dive in. RenVM x BadgerDAO Integration | Badger Bridge The long-awaited BadgerDAO x RenVM integration is now live! Bridge your … Read more