Introducing Carbon

Arise, Carbon! A next-generation decentralized exchange that utilizes asymmetric liquidity and adjustable bonding curves to create automated flexible trading strategies. Carbon will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain first with deployments on other L1s and L2 scaling solutions expected in the future. Carbon Features: Asymmetric Liquidity: individual user strategies are composed of independent buy and … Read more

Yearn CoW Swap

Poolpitako Nov 16 · 5 min read Yearn partners with CoW Swap tl;dr; After months of working on a yearn cowswap solver, we reached production ready code. Starting from today you will be able to do complex swaps in CoW Swap like, 3CRV yvSNX.Yearn is committed to settle all strategies trades through CoW Swap and … Read more

BarnBridge v2: The Q Connection

Disclaimer: This post has been provided by to share more detail on the work that it did in conjunction with the BarnBridge DAO. Follow on Medium for all future updates. Q’s primary focus is to build deep, dynamic integrations with leading DeFi protocols & empower users to interact directly with those protocols through Q’s … Read more

Lido on Ethereum: DVT Pilot with SSV Network

Over the past month, as a part of the execution strategy for Lido’s Next Chapter, Lido has conducted an initial pilot integration of Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) with SSV Network on the Goerli testnet. Eight Node Operators (NOs) participated in these initial tests by creating Lido-specific SSV Operators, running a shared Operator in the Lido … Read more

Opyn’s Crab Strategy v2 Now Supports USDC Deposits and Withdrawals

Wade Prospere Oct 20 · 7 min read Squeeth Crab holding USDC USqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethDC On July 28, 2022, Opyn launched Crab Strategy v2, a DeFi-native strategy that allows traders to earn USD returns during sideways market conditions ( 🦀crabs move from side to side, get it?!). More specifically, Crab Strategy v2 is best during periods of … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of Oct 3, 2022

Almanak Proposal Almanak recently released a report on the current state of the Bancor v3 protocol, and will be activating a proposal for voting on Snapshot for Oct 9th. The proposal is focused on optimizing trading fees and actively managing liquidity in certain pools (ETH, wBTC, LINK, and DAI). In addition to the governance proposal, … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of Sept 26, 2022

1M BNT has been burned 1 million BNT has been burned, after being bought and collected in the #Bancor v3 vault. Per the recent governance proposal, the one time BNT burn has been performed and around 0.5% of the circulating supply was destroyed. See the burn transaction here and more details in the approved proposal. … Read more

Opium Cheshire cats support Binance proof of identity

Andrey Belyakov Sep 28 · 5 min read It may proof humanity, KYC and region of a holder Binance-style Cheshire Intro Last year the Opium team presented Cheshire cat NFTs that can be used as an access token and also acquire the reputation of the user, KYC, humanity checks, and much more. Those NFTs are … Read more

Trustless Liquid Staking: Removing Intermediary Risk With SSV Technology

Ethan Nelson Sep 28 · 6 min read The many components of liquid staking can be a lot to take in if you’re new to DeFi. So a good rule of thumb is; that the more transparency and trustlessness, the better. In light of this, Ankr is teaming up with, an Ethereum Foundation project, … Read more