Recap: Week 47

Dear Farmers, Week 47 was full of new developments and surprises! đźšś New integrations, vaults and fruitful friendships were made that will improve the quality of life of our community. Let’s get into it! Summary Harvest on Polygon Harvest at EthCC Bancor’s Targeted Liquidity Mining Campaign Harvest on BSC Recap $FARM Emissions FOX Vault LQTY Vault 1. Harvest on Polygon July … Read more

New $FOX Vault

Harvest Adds Vault for $FOX — $ETH Pool on Uniswap V2 Dear Farmers! Thrilled by the recent Shapeshift announcement to decentralize their entity, we decided to support their mission by adding a vault that includes the $FOX token. Starting today, our farmers get to enjoy a new vault that leverages the following Uniswap V2 Pool: $FOX — $ETH The details of … Read more

Community Call Summary — July 18, 2021

Bancor hosts weekly community calls with core contributors every week. This week, the call was held on Twitter Spaces. Nate hosted the call with input from Mark and Yudi from the Bancor team. Here is a summary of the ecosystem and development updates from that call. We want to make some hires in Asia, specifically … Read more

Hiding Vault x Compound

Rewards for the Hiding Vault will go live approximately 24 hours after launch, beginning at block 12865000. Today, we are ecstatic to launch the Hiding Vault, the Just-In-Time-Underwriter and kCompound, which make up the foundations of our borrowing protocol. Together, they give borrowers an optimal way to protect borrow positions on Compound while also earning … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Report Jun-Jul 2021

Hello fellow Kyberians, We’re especially excited to come to you with this month’s ecosystem blog as we have a number of important developments. First of all, Kyber is now on Polygon! Yes, you can now swap tokens on one of the largest scaling solutions available to Ethereum today for almost no cost or wait time … Read more

Success Tokens: An Incentive Aligned Way for VC Funds to Invest in DAOs

UMA Success Tokens Provide a “Series B” Option for Crypto Investors Hart Lambur Jul 16 · 3 min read tl;dr — Success tokens provide a way for VC investors to buy tokens from a DAO that is more palatable to a tokenholder community but maintains proper upside alignment with the VCs. A Place for VCs … Read more

Pushing boundaries in Asset Management — TokenSets Polygon

Andrew Wilkinson Jul 13 · 7 min read We’re excited to announce the launch of the Set Protocol on Polygon, lowering the barrier of entry significantly and bringing us one step closer to enabling asset management and strategy creation for the masses. Set’s Mission to Accelerate the Adoption of DeFi Asset Management In an internet-first … Read more

BarnBridge Launches on Polygon Network

We’re excited to announce that BarnBridge has deployed its first two applications, SMART Yield and SMART Exposure, on the Polygon Network. This deployment represents BarnBridge’s first expansion beyond Ethereum mainnet and marks an exciting day for existing and prospective users alike. Following Aave The deployment of SMART Yield on Polygon follows the path taken by one … Read more

Community Call Summary — July 11, 2021

Bancor hosts weekly community calls with core contributors every week in Bancor’s Telegram voice chat. This week, Nate hosted the call with input from Mark, Yudi, Steven, and Asaf from the Bancor team. Here is a summary of the ecosystem and development updates from that call. We are again hosting this call on a Sunday. … Read more