Crypto Basics — What is Staking?

EQIFI 2 hours ago·6 min read Maybe you’ve heard the term “staking” as a way of earning returns on your cryptocurrency. Let’s explore precisely what it is and why and when it is required of a blockchain network. Then we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of staking your coins, as well as giving a quick-start … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Stake EQX

EQIFI Aug 10·4 min read In the exciting realm of Decentralized Finance, staking has taken the spotlight. Staking is now mainstream, with pooled staking available on popular trading platforms. Barriers to significant gains on cryptocurrency holdings are crumbling. The advent of financial possibilities never before possible is upon us. As most of the world welcomes … Read more

How and Where to Buy Cryptocurrency — Explained

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EQX — Everything you need to know about the EQIFI token

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DeFi Explained: What is a Yield Aggregator?

EQIFI Just now·3 min read Simply put, yield aggregators let users of DeFi platforms earn returns on their cryptocurrency holdings through “yield farming.” To fully understand yield aggregators, let’s first take a look at yield farming. What is Yield Farming? Yield farming began in 2020, with Compound, a decentralized lending platform launching their governance token … Read more

DeFi Explained — What are Interest Rate Swaps?

EQIFI Just now·4 min read A less common practice than fixed rate or floating loans is the interest rate swap, also known as “refinancing,” primarily as it is used in real estate mortgages. Interest rate swaps are derivative contracts between two parties, usually exchanging or “swapping” fixed-rate interest payments for floating-rate interest payments. Other swaps … Read more

DeFi Explained — What are variable rate products? — EQIFI

EQIFI Just now·4 min read In today’s current climate of low to even negative interest rates, investors are seeking new ways to stay ahead of inflation and earn interest on their investments while avoiding dangerous pitfalls in unknown financial terrain. To that end, let’s look at what a floating, also known as a variable rate … Read more

DeFi Explained: Where Do I Store My EQX Tokens? — EQIFI

EQIFI Just now·4 min read Shifting from a traditional paper-based currency to a decentralized cryptocurrency can be a challenge for some. Contrary to what the stock images strewn across the internet might suggest, crypto tokens aren’t backed by any physical asset. You can’t physically withdraw tokens and put them into the wallet you keep in … Read more

DeFi Explained: What Are ERC-20 Tokens? — EQIFI

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