One Year In. Whitepaper Complete. Where Do We Go From Here?

Meta With the roll out of SMART Alpha, we have completed, for the most part, what was set out in the BarnBridge whitepaper. It’s been a long ride and I’d love to spend time looking back on the past year, or even two, and talk about how we got here and everything that happened along … Read more

Biswap Key Metrics — Noteworthy Numbers!

Biswap Just now·2 min read Assess Biswap’s current results in the tempting crypto industry! See the up-to-date numerics of Biswap’s evolvement! 💎 $388 738 132 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools) 💎 $6 470 481 736 Total Trading Volume 💎 $38 787 974 Trading Volume in 24 hours 💎 1 181 051 Unique Wallets … Read more

A Retrospective on the First SMART Alpha Epoch

Last week began with the launch of our first SMART Alpha epoch. Three of the four deployed pools saw ~$500k in aggregate deposits split relatively evenly between their respective junior and senior sides. Here’s a look at each pool and how it performed over the course of the past epoch. WETH (in USD terms) The conditions for … Read more

Biswap Avatar Challenge| The $1 500 Rewards for Biswappers’ Army!

Biswap Just now·2 min read Express your personality via wonderful Robi Avatars and show the Biswappers’ power to the whole DeFi world! The lucrative crypto prizes are waiting for the luckiest participants! 💰Prize Pool: $1 500 in BSW📅 Duration: 20/09/2021–29/09/2021 👥 Winners: 40 random participants📍 Place: Twitter & Telegram Main Task: pick an avatar of … Read more

Weekly Highlights from Robi | Week of Vivid Events!

Biswap Just now·6 min read Robi has returned! I took off at top speed to tell you about Biswap’s crazy-busy and dynamic week! ​​🤩$10 000 000 Fund for BSC Projects | Incentive Program Page is Released! Participate in our $10 million Global Incentive Program for BSC projects and become eligible for a wide variety … Read more

The 1inch Network is integrated into Trust Wallet

The 1inch API now powers the swapping functionality of one of the most popular crypto wallets. The 1inch Network is glad to share that after a successful governance vote, the 1inch API has been integrated into Trust Wallet to power its swap functionality. Previously, the Trust Swap functionality used a combination of Uniswap and PancakeSwap. From … Read more

Biswap Key Metrics — Starlight Stats!

Biswap Just now·2 min read New and fresh numerics of Biswap are here! Are you ready to view the delightful numbers and distinctive stats of the fast-growing project Biswap! Awesome numbers of Biswap are waiting for YOU! Check them out: 📍 $481 882 336 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools) 📍 $85 949 874 … Read more

This Week: VSP Listed on BitMart Exchange, August Monthly Report Released, and More

Also: Digital Asset Summit 2021 Review, Messari Mainnet Preview, Zane Huffman Goes Trans-Pacific Vesper Finance Sep 17 · 4 min read VSP Listed on BitMart Exchange VSP is now available for deposit, trade, and withdrawal on BitMart Exchange. BitMart supports VSP/USDT trading and features a fiat on/off ramp for users. August in Review Vesper’s August … Read more

Mysterious Biswap x Faraland Collaboration!

Biswap Just now·2 min read The mystifying, captivating, and thrilling adventure will be revealed to the bravest treasure hunters! Start your cryptic journey with Biswap x Faraland Collaboration! Why Faraland? Meet the biggest war game on blockchain — Faraland! The Faraland Universe has a lot of different races like humans, orcs, angels, demons, dragonborns, elves, … Read more

Looking back and forward August 2021

The season is changing, and so are we: As summer comes to a close, the team here at Opium are reflecting on our many successes in terms of developments and product updates, and we are optimistically looking forward to next season. Opium Team Sep 17 · 3 min read This month’s highlights are as follows: … Read more