Mule Pool: Atlantis Loans Just now·2 min read Less than a week after announcing Don-key’s new Mule Pool function, the team is quickly delivering the first one: Atlantis Loans, which is now live! For the next 14 days, the Don-key community can stake their extra, non-tier locked $DON tokens to be eligible for $ATL token rewards. The 5000 … Read more

The Bancorian | Dec 20–26 2021

In this week’s Community Call recording, Bancor shared the development updates above and answered questions from the community. Additionally, the call featured BBS Network who outlined a proposal to onboard BBS Token on Bancor with external IL protection. BBS Network with Eyal “BBS is like a Reddit forum with moderators, now decentralized to run on … Read more

Weekly Highlights from Robi! | 10–16 January

Biswap Just now·9 min read Hello, Biswappers! Wow! What a fantastic week we had recently. Biswap DEX started many marvellous events and added new profitable utilities for you. Robi wants to share all this news with Biswappers. So let’s see, what did he prepare for us this time! Biswap Strategic Planning for Quarter 1, 2022 … Read more

This Week: LINK Earn Pairs Enter Beta, Vesper Q4 Report Published, and More

Also: Community voting open for VSP emissions proposal (VIP-17) Vesper Finance Jan 14 · 2 min read ATTN Marines! LINK is Coming to Vesper Earn With new LINK pairs in beta, LINK HODL’ers can use Vesper Earn to deposit LINK and earn yield in DAI (and vice-versa). This opens up a number of new possibilities, … Read more

Announcing: Olympus Incubator

Our goal at Olympus is to create the reserve currency for DeFi. In order to achieve our lofty ambitions, we must build the greatest digital economy in the world: the econohmy. The former cannot exist without the latter. “We shall strive to enable radical ideas to become reality. Through this, Olympus (itself a radical idea) becomes … Read more

Biswap Strategic Planning for Quarter 1, 2022 | Review Biswap Vision on Further Expansion!

Biswap Just now·12 min read Dear Biswappers, we moved up and grew together with you from the very beginning. Along this path, we tried to be transparent and understandable. That’s why there is the Biswap strategic planning for the first quarter of the year for you to know what direction Biswap will move. Thank You … Read more

Platypus Finance Launches Stableswap Protocol on Avalanche

Platypus intends to offer users better capital efficiency and lower slippage when swapping between stablecoins. Platypus Finance, a single-side AMM (decentralized exchange) designed for exchanging stablecoins, has launched its Beta application on Avalanche, expanding the tools available to users swapping between stablecoins. Platypus is implemented as a set of smart contracts, designed to prioritize censorship … Read more

This Week in DeFi – January 14

To the DeFi community, This week, NEAR protocol raised $150 million in a round led by Three Arrows Capital. Funds will go towards developing NEAR’s regional hubs in increasing brand awareness, as well as funding various ecosystem projects. 📣 @NEARProtocol raises $150M to boost ecosystem growth! 🔥#NEAR has announced the close of a $150 million … Read more

Step Q1 Roadmap Overview

Step Finance Just now·4 min read xSTEP will gain increased utility A new year is upon us and the team at Step is back at it with a general action plan for Q1. We have decided on some general high level goals for Q1 which will inform the tasks and features that get built and … Read more

Why should you integrate 1inch APIs into your service?

In this article, we’ll explain the advantages that you can get from integrating the 1inch Aggregation API and 1inch Limit Order API into your project. The integration of open-source protocols by various services has been one of the backbones of the DeFi space. For instance, the 1inch Aggregation API has been already integrated by dozens of … Read more